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Verbalizer   Listen

Someone who expresses in language; someone who talks (especially someone who delivers a public speech or someone especially garrulous).  Synonyms: speaker, talker, utterer, verbaliser.  "An utterer of useful maxims"

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Words linked to "Verbalizer" :   mutterer, ranter, stentor, talking head, phoner, vociferator, orator, conversationalist, witnesser, public speaker, dictator, mentioner, reciter, native speaker, voicer, jabberer, venter, chatterbox, stutterer, inquirer, stammerer, telephoner, spouter, schmoozer, caller-up, teller, drawler, lisper, storyteller, questioner, enquirer, motormouth, alliterator, speechmaker, informant, speechifier, querier, lecturer, conversationist, raver, magpie, prater, rhetorician, chatterer, murmurer, ejaculator, caller, witness, articulator, wailer, whisperer, asker, narrator, babbler, growler, driveller, prattler, verbalize, mumbler

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