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Trump card   /trəmp kɑrd/   Listen
Trump card

A playing card in the suit that has been declared trumps.  Synonym: trump.

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"Trump card" Quotes from Famous Books

... is no credit to me, you know, I don't do anything. It's you and Meg and Brooke who make it all go, and I'm no end obliged to you. What shall we do when we can't eat anymore?" asked Laurie, feeling that his trump card had been ...
— Little Women • Louisa May Alcott

... to disclose the guinea in her palm, and tell him of her meeting with the child 'Biades. But now she clutched the coin closer, and it gave her confidence—a feeling that she held her trump card in reserve. ...
— Nicky-Nan, Reservist • Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch (Q)

... gentlemen," advised Rogers. "If it's true we hold a trump card, but we want to play it mighty carefully so as to make it carry as much ...
— The Vision Spendid • William MacLeod Raine

... as if to go, but the officer would not permit it. The moment had come for Martella to play his trump card. The two were standing within hearing of several soldiers who, in accordance with the loose discipline of the army, made no attempt to hide that they were listening. Lowering his voice, the ...
— Up the Forked River - Or, Adventures in South America • Edward Sylvester Ellis

... Haymarket apparently acquiesced in the exception insisted on by Rich, it was not long before he showed his hand. It was a better hand than that of his whilom associate, who had been foolish enough to think that he held the trump card in the game. The card in question was a little matter of two hundred pounds owing from Swiney to Rich, and the latter fondly believed that this loan would bind the debtor to him as with hooks of steel. But we do not love men the ...
— The Palmy Days of Nance Oldfield • Edward Robins

... things eny. If it hadn't of ben that I love you, what you think I'd a-done to that bunch? That's th' truth. I ben holdin' off thinkin' you'd come to your senses an' see that Buck Courtrey ain't to be met with vilence. Now I'm playin' my trump card—now, tonight. ...
— Tharon of Lost Valley • Vingie E. Roe

... M'tela would ceremoniously bring in his real present—assuredly magnificent as beseeming his power. Then, Kingozi knew, he should be able to reciprocate in degree. He could not do so; he could not use his accustomed methods; he could not even exhibit his trump card—the deadly wonder of the weapon that could ...
— The Leopard Woman • Stewart Edward White et al

... dealer has been chosen, he puts, say, six counters in the pool and every other player puts four; three cards are given to each person, though they must be dealt one at a time; another card is then turned up, and called the trump card. The cards must be left upon the table, but the player on the left-hand side of the dealer turns up his top card so that all may see it. If it is a trump card, that is to say, if it is of the same suit as the card the dealer turned up, the owner may either keep ...
— My Book of Indoor Games • Clarence Squareman

... threes, fours, fives, and sixes, have been discarded. The sixty-four cards of both packs, shuffled well together, are then dealt out, eight to each player, by threes, twos, and threes; the seventeenth turned up for trump, and the rest left, face downwards, on the table. If the trump card be a seven, the dealer scores ten points. An incorrect deal or an exposed card necessitates a new deal, which passes to the other player. A trump card takes any card of another suit. Except trumping, the higher card, whether of the same suit or not, takes the trick—the ...
— Enquire Within Upon Everything - The Great Victorian Domestic Standby • Anonymous

... impression. The prosecution, having succeeded in having the log admitted as evidence, had put a trump card in the hands ...
— The After House • Mary Roberts Rinehart

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