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Think up   /θɪŋk əp/   Listen
Think up

Devise or invent.  Synonyms: concoct, dream up, hatch, think of.  "No-one had ever thought of such a clever piece of software"

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"Think up" Quotes from Famous Books

... for sure—resisting an officer, vulgar language, keeping a disorderly house, carrying a pistol without a permit, and anything else I can think up between here and the station-house. If that doesn't satisfy ye, I'll put ye down for assault and robbery on Barkhouse's story, and ye may look out for a charge of murder before ...
— Blindfolded • Earle Ashley Walcott

... care! I hate to have those girls get the best of us. I'll think up some trick by which we can ...
— A Little Miss Nobody - Or, With the Girls of Pinewood Hall • Amy Bell Marlowe

... defy me?" he thundered, amazed at the girl's temerity. "All I do is try to think up ways of makin' yuh happy, an' now yuh insist on havin' this scoundrel make love to yuh, whether I want it or not. Answer me this, Julie, are you ...
— The Free Range • Francis William Sullivan

... only thing he could think up to say was, "I'm him," and then, apologetically: "—unless some one's been usin' ...
— Anderson Crow, Detective • George Barr McCutcheon

... plenty of time to think up here, my child," continued Aunt Martha. "God is so good that He has spared my reason, and I have satisfied myself why Lawrence Newt ...
— Trumps • George William Curtis

... out. Of course," she added, as the girls began to grope eagerly among the dirt and debris at their feet for stones sharp enough to answer the purpose, "the mouth of the cave may be choked up too solidly with dirt and underbrush and things for us to get through. But in that case we'd just have to think up some other way, ...
— The Outdoor Girls in the Saddle - Or, The Girl Miner of Gold Run • Laura Lee Hope

... snipping a thread with a steady hand. "But they'll come from some place. Now, I've got to think up stories to make Lovey forget that he wants anything but some corn-bread and buttermilk for supper. That'll save the batter-cake flour for the pie-crust and some of the lard and butter too. If I can amuse him past breakfast with just corn meal mush, I'll have enough flour for them all. ...
— Phyllis • Maria Thompson Daviess

Words linked to "Think up" :   think of, idealise, manufacture, create by mental act, concoct, cook up, create mentally, idealize, make up, invent, fabricate

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