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Theorize   /θˈiərˌaɪz/   Listen

(past & past part. theorized; pres. part. theorizing)
To believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds.  Synonyms: conjecture, hypothecate, hypothesise, hypothesize, speculate, suppose, theorise.
Construct a theory about.
Form or construct theories.

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"Theorize" Quotes from Famous Books

... Brainerd and I saw these things, the same thought entered both our minds, and we exchanged one swift glance of mutual meaning, after which we stood and heard Monsieur Lausch ejaculate, and wonder, and question the officers, discuss, and theorize, and prophesy, ourselves saying little, and eager to be away from this place, that we might take counsel together ...
— Against Odds - A Detective Story • Lawrence L. Lynch

... enough, and also to the transmission of the Protectorship from Oliver to Richard. The one insuperable stumbling-block, I believe, had been and was Cromwell's Established Church. Even in his blindness he could theorize on that, and stiffen himself more and more in his intense Religious Voluntaryism, Conscious of his irreconcileable dissent from Cromwell's policy in this great matter, and knowing that Cromwell was aware of the fact, it may have ...
— The Life of John Milton, Volume 5 (of 7), 1654-1660 • David Masson

... coming, is the proper employment of political foresight. We do not find M. Comte supporting his recommendations by a similar line of argument. They rest as completely, each on its separate reasons of supposed utility, as with philosophers who, like Bentham, theorize on politics without any historical basis at all. The only bridge of connexion which leads from his historical speculations to his practical conclusions, is the inference, that since the old powers of society, both in the region of thought and of action, ...
— Auguste Comte and Positivism • John-Stuart Mill

... out to be a school teacher, and came home from Montreal with my head packed full of theories concerning how teaching ought to be done, and how I meant to do it. The first disappointment came when I found there were no children of school age obtainable, except Miles and Phil; for it is very hard to theorize upon one's own kith and kin, at least I found it so. Night school, also, is not an easy practice-ground for new methods, which was disappointment number two; and then came Father's illness, which has settled once and for all the question of my ...
— A Countess from Canada - A Story of Life in the Backwoods • Bessie Marchant

... to, trace to, bring home to; put down to, set down to, blame; charge on, ground on; invest with, assign as cause, lay at, the door of, father upon; account for, derive from, point out the reason &c 153; theorize; tell how it comes; put the saddle on the right horse. Adj. attributed &c v.; attributable &c v.; referable to, referrible to^, due to, derivable from; owing to &c (effect) 154; putative; ecbatic^. ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

... remarked in you, with pain, quite a feminine propensity to theorize. Women will do it. My dear Mrs. Bellasys, don't look so dreadfully like an accusing angel about to bring me to book; you know I am a hopeless heretic. They get up a sort of Memoria Technica in early youth, ...
— Guy Livingstone; - or, 'Thorough' • George A. Lawrence

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