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Splice   /splaɪs/   Listen

(past & past part. spliced; pres. part. splicing)
Join the ends of.
Perform a marriage ceremony.  Synonyms: marry, tie, wed.  "We were wed the following week" , "The couple got spliced on Hawaii"
Join together so as to form new genetic combinations.
Join by interweaving strands.

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"Splice" Quotes from Famous Books

... that the man was like to come home in his hand without the leg, was forced "to break him short off," as he phrased it, to get him out of the way, and let the carriage traverse. In the morning when he sobered, he had quite forgotten where the leg was, and how he broke it; he therefore got Kelson to splice the stump with the but—end of a mop; but in the hurry it had been left three inches too long, so he had to jerk himself up to the top of his peg at every step. The Doctor, glad to breathe the fresh air after the horrible work he had gone through, was leaning over the side speaking to Kelson. ...
— Tom Cringle's Log • Michael Scott

... feathers it would not be able to fly again that season unless the feather was replaced; and the falconer showed Owen a supply of feathers, all numbered, for it would not do to supply a missing third feather with a fourth; and the splice was a needle inserted into the ends of the feathers and bound fast with fine thread. The bird's beauty had not escaped Owen's notice, but he had been so busy with the peregrines all the morning that he had not had time to ask why this bird wore no hood, and why it had not been ...
— Sister Teresa • George Moore

... middle splice was effected and the bight dropped into the deep. The two ships got under weigh, but had not proceeded three miles when the cable broke in the paying-out machinery of the Niagara. Another splice, ...
— Heroes of the Telegraph • J. Munro

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