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Social class   /sˈoʊʃəl klæs/   Listen
Social class

People having the same social, economic, or educational status.  Synonyms: class, socio-economic class, stratum.  "An emerging professional class"

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"Social class" Quotes from Famous Books

... Peter's wife be introduced into the Ackerman household without attracting suspicion? Peter raised this question, pointing out that his wife was a person of too high a social class to come as a servant. Mr. Ackerman added that he had nothing to do with engaging his servants, any more than with engaging the bookkeepers in his bank. It would look suspicious for him to make a suggestion to his housekeeper. But finally he remarked that he ...
— 100%: The Story of a Patriot • Upton Sinclair

... selfish apply to an East End music hall audience when they eject any one who belongs to a different social class to themselves ...
— The Unexpurgated Case Against Woman Suffrage • Almroth E. Wright

... preference in marking may, if only from official tradition, be given to subjects like Greek and Latin composition, whose educational value is not higher than others, but excellence in which is hardly ever acquired except by members of one social class. ...
— Human Nature In Politics - Third Edition • Graham Wallas

... which is not that in common use (Zeitschrift fuer Ethnologie, 1899, Heft 1, p. 31); exactly the same thing is found in Europe, to-day, and is sometimes more marked among young peasant women than among those of better social class, who often avoid, under all circumstances, the necessity for ...
— Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 1 (of 6) • Havelock Ellis

... it is allowed to pass as an unquestioned doctrine in regard to social classes that "the rich" ought to "care for the poor"; that Churches especially ought to collect capital from the rich and spend it for the poor; that parishes ought to be clusters of institutions by means of which one social class should perform its duties to another; and that clergymen, economists, and social philosophers have a technical and professional duty to devise schemes for "helping the poor." The preaching in England used all to be done to the poor—that ...
— What Social Classes Owe to Each Other • William Graham Sumner

... are more fictitious. If our statesmen agree more in private, it is for the very simple reason that they agree more in public. And the reason they agree so much in both cases is really that they belong to one social class; and therefore the dining life is the real life. Tory and Liberal statesmen like each other, but it is not because they are both expansive; it is ...
— All Things Considered • G. K. Chesterton

... creation, and communicated it to a circle of disciples. His teachings were later set down in writing and formed, right down to the twentieth century, the moral code of the upper classes of China. Confucius was fully conscious of his membership of a social class whose existence was tied to that of the feudal lords. With their disappearance, his type of scholar would become superfluous. The common people, the lower class, was in his view in an entirely subordinate position. Thus ...
— A history of China., [3d ed. rev. and enl.] • Wolfram Eberhard

... Liverpool on "Problems of Society" in 1912, and published by the Student Christian Movement in Christ and, Human Need.] "we seem to see a great army drawn from every nation under heaven, from every social class, from every section of Christ's Church, pledged to one thing and to one thing only-the establishment of Christ's Kingdom upon earth by His method of sacrifice and the application of His principle of brotherhood to every phase of human life. And as they labour there takes shape a world much ...
— Religious Reality • A.E.J. Rawlinson

... in the face of poverty, a falling market, and social stress, to save and capitalize two hundred thousand dollars in a generation has meant a tremendous effort. The rise of a nation, the pressing forward of a social class, means a bitter struggle, a hard and soul-sickening battle with the world such as few of the more favored classes ...
— The Souls of Black Folk • W. E. B. Du Bois

... the workers, many of whom do not even know of their existence. It must be remembered that a difficulty in the way of men and women clerks combining, is that women of good education, sometimes in possession of degrees, find themselves in competition with men of an inferior social class. A large proportion of the best secretaries are the daughters of professional men. The average woman clerk is invariably a person of better education and manners than the male clerk at ...
— Women Workers in Seven Professions • Edith J. Morley

... THE DIFFERENT SOCIAL CLASSES. Of the 1000 children, 492 were classified by their teachers according to social class into the following five groups: very inferior, inferior, average, superior, and very superior. A comparative study was then made of the distribution of I ...
— The Measurement of Intelligence • Lewis Madison Terman

... when, the alliance between Marius and the knights being still firm and strong, the marriage of a rich knight's daughter would mean to the nephew of Marius, not only a considerable fortune, but also the support of the social class which at that moment was predominant. For reasons unknown to us, Caesar soon repudiated Cossutia, and before the downfall of the democratic party he was married to Cornelia, who was the daughter of Cinna, the democratic consul and ...
— The Women of the Caesars • Guglielmo Ferrero

... customs and ideals. As an ideal of social conduct, the code of chivalry never touched the middle and lower classes, but it was the religion of the aristocracy and of the twelfth-century "honnete homme". Never was literature in any age closer to the ideals of a social class. So true is this that it is difficult to determine whether social practices called forth the literature, or whether, as in the case of the seventeenth-century pastoral romance in France, it is truer to say that literature suggested to society its ideals. Be that as it may, it is proper to observe ...
— Four Arthurian Romances - "Erec et Enide", "Cliges", "Yvain", and "Lancelot" • Chretien de Troyes

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