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Snuffle   Listen

(past & past part. snuffled; pres. part. snuffling)
Sniff or smell inquiringly.  Synonym: snuff.
Snuff up mucus through the nose.  Synonym: snivel.
Cry or whine with snuffling.  Synonyms: blub, blubber, sniffle, snivel.

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"Snuffle" Quotes from Famous Books

... not a nose snubbed at the extremity, gross, heavy, or carbuncled, or fluting. In all its magnitude of proportions, it was an intellectual nose. It was thin, horny, transparent, and sonorous. Its snuffle was consequential and its sneeze oracular. The very sight of it was impressive; its sound, when blown in school hours, was ominous. But the scholars loved the nose for the warning which it gave: like the rattle of the dreaded snake, which announces its presence, ...
— Jacob Faithful • Captain Frederick Marryat

... had finished his snuffle and lick at the Henry, came on at a dreadful pace, making nothing of those obstacles that balked me,—he had been born up there, you know. He laid himself out—I could see over my shoulder—like one of those American ...
— The Literary World Seventh Reader • Various

... in at the door, my Cousin Tom woke up with a great snuffle; and stared at me as if amazed, as ...
— Oddsfish! • Robert Hugh Benson

... "Oh, snuffle—do! and break your heart, you poor thing. Somebody fetch this sick doll a sugar-rag. Look you, Sir Jean de Metz, do you feel absolutely certain about ...
— Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc - Volume 1 (of 2) • Mark Twain

... how would he puff at a beggar—puff like the picture of the north wind in a spelling book! What a huge heavy purple face he had, as though all the blood of his body were stagnant in his cheeks! and then when he spoke, would he not growl and snuffle like a dog? How the parish would have hated him, but that the parish heard there was a Mrs. Whitlow; a small fragile woman, with a face sharp as a penknife, and lips that cut her words like scissors! and what a forlorn wretch was Whitlow with his head brought once a night to the ...
— History of English Humour, Vol. 2 (of 2) • Alfred Guy Kingan L'Estrange

... end. Meantime we are cast down with a mighty proneness along the dust; our shapely anatomy is clothed in a jaunty suit of sackcloth liberally embellished with the frippery of ashes; our days are vocal with wailing, our nights melodious with snuffle! ...
— The Fiend's Delight • Dod Grile

... never could be defiled by cigarettes and tobacco. The young lady of Englewood, the young lady of Englewood, what a jewel of women was she and what a fool he had been and how unkind and inconsiderate! Recalled by a little snuffle from the odalisque, he saw the puckered lips were relaxing sorrowfully and fearing the girl would cry, he hastily sat down beside her and put his right arm about her. But he did not take the shapely hand that now laid down the meerschaum, and though her head fell on his shoulder and her breath ...
— The Strange Adventures of Mr. Middleton • Wardon Allan Curtis

... turn, it is the same; there is no light; your eye is put out; your soul is desolate forever! The heart by which you had grown up into the full stature of joy and blessing, is rooted out of you, and thrown like something loathsome, at which the carrion dogs of the world scent and snuffle! ...
— Dream Life - A Fable Of The Seasons • Donald G. Mitchell

... before—Bless my soul! I'm losing my temper! But, 'pon my word, there's some excuse for it. You've let that dear child leave your house, you've lost sight of her for over a fortnight, and—and you stand there and snuffle to me about her 'conduct!' Where is she? Oh, of course, you don't know; and you'd stand there like a stuck pig, if I were fool enough to remain here for a week and ask questions. But I want her—I want her at once! I've got important news ...
— At Love's Cost • Charles Garvice

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