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Sliver   /slˈɪvər/   Listen

(past & past part. slivered; pres. part. slivering)
Divide into slivers or splinters.  Synonym: splinter.
Break up into splinters or slivers.  Synonym: splinter.
Form into slivers.

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"Sliver" Quotes from Famous Books

... A kettle of screeching hot water with a small handful of salt in it, good potatoes of nearly equal size, washed clean and clipped at the ends, these are the requisites. Put the potatoes in the boiling water, cover closely and keep the water at high boiling pitch until you can thrust a sharp sliver through the largest potato. Then drain off the water and set the kettle in a hot place with the lid partly off. Take them out only as they are wanted; lukewarm potatoes are not good, They will be found about as good as potatoes can be, when cooked ...
— Woodcraft • George W. Sears

... Sliver the codfish fine; pour on boiling water; drain it off; add butter and a little pepper. Heat three or four minutes, ...
— Recipes Tried and True • the Ladies' Aid Society

... doing it by heating a flat stone, and cooking the fish on that," replied Tom. "Then some old hunters who won't bother to carry a frying-pan into the woods with them manage by toasting the meat or fish at the end of a long sliver of wood. Given the fish and a hot fire, the fellow who couldn't invent some way of cooking would deserve ...
— The Boy Scouts of Lenox - Or The Hike Over Big Bear Mountain • Frank V. Webster

... ache along her spine began to set in. There were occasional ventures to a corner bake-shop for raisin rolls and to the delicatessen next door for a quarter-pound of Bologna sausage sliced into slivers while she waited. She would sit on the cot-edge munching alternately from sliver to roll, gulping through a throat that was continually tight with wanting to cry, yet would not relax ...
— Humoresque - A Laugh On Life With A Tear Behind It • Fannie Hurst

... about marrid life, except what ye tell me an' what I r-read in th' pa-apers. But it must be sad. All over this land onhappily mated couples ar-re sufferin' almost as much as if they had a sliver in their thumb or a slight headache. Th' sorrows iv these people ar-re beyond belief. I say, Hinnissy, it is th' jooty iv th' law to ...
— Mr. Dooley Says • Finley Dunne

... lad, dost ho know that the dragoons be a town? Dost ho know that, mon?—ad, they'll sliver thee ...
— Waverley • Sir Walter Scott

... A telescope, maybe, would have shown it as the thing they'd worked on and fought for. But it didn't look like that to the naked eye. It was just a tiny speck of incandescence gliding with grave deliberation across the sky. It was a sliver of ...
— Space Platform • Murray Leinster

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