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Sensing   /sˈɛnsɪŋ/   Listen

The perception that something has occurred or some state exists.  Synonym: detection.
Becoming aware of something via the senses.  Synonym: perception.

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"Sensing" Quotes from Famous Books

... dreamy, subtle, unpractical, and yet with their marvellous spiritual gift, their intuition (also since the dawn of history) and conviction of another plane of being than that in which we mostly move, and their occasional power of distinctly sensing that plane and acting on its indications. Think of their ancient religious philosophy—their doctrine of world-unity—absolutely foundational and inexpugnable, the corner-stone of all metaphysics, science, and politics, and of the latest most modern democracy; and still realized and ...
— The Healing of Nations and the Hidden Sources of Their Strife • Edward Carpenter

... the palms of his soiled gloves; the suggestion they offered did not improve his temper. He ripped them from his hands. "What the mischief ails 'em, down here? They're all more or less slippery, Daunt! I've been sensing it all the evening! I feel as if I'd been ...
— All-Wool Morrison • Holman Day

... that distinctly-cowboy vernacular, Macdonald sprang back to regain the shelter of his walls, sensing too late the trap that the cowboy's unguarded word had betrayed. Chance Dalton at one corner of the rude bungalow, his next best man at the other, had been waiting for the decoy at the gate to draw Macdonald away from his door. Now, as the homesteader leaped back in sudden alarm, ...
— The Rustler of Wind River • G. W. Ogden

... few moments, the girl stirred, then sensing that someone was in the room, she awoke with a start, and sprang to ...
— Dorian • Nephi Anderson

... The mare, sensing the change of her master through that weird telegraphy which passed down the taut bridle reins, held her head high and flattened her short ears ...
— Riders of the Silences • John Frederick

... ranging far beyond the dreary confines of the cabin in the dunes. Minute after minute passed, he making no sign, the babu poised before him in inscrutable triumph, watching him keenly with his black and evil eyes of a beast. Amber hung breathless upon the issue, sensing a conflict of terrible forces in Rutton's mind, but comprehending nothing of their natures. In the hush within-doors he became acutely conscious of the war of elements without: the mad elfin yammering of the gale ...
— The Bronze Bell • Louis Joseph Vance

... extraordinarily keen, and he not only had the rare gift of sensing the vital elements of a situation, but also had, to an unrivalled degree, the ability to describe them vividly. I don't know how many of those men at Verz Cruz tried to describe the kaleidoscopic life of the city during the American occupation, but I know that Davis's story was ...
— The Lost Road • Richard Harding Davis

... out in her music all the beauty and tenderness of her nature. Soft and full the tones filled the room, and in Crane's vision there rose a home filled with happy work, with laughter and companionship, with playing children who turned their faces to their mother as do flowers to the light. Sensing the girl's dreams as the music filled his ears, he realized as never before in his busy, purposeful life how beautiful a home with the right woman could be. No thought of love for Dorothy entered his mind, for he knew that the love existing between ...
— The Skylark of Space • Edward Elmer Smith and Lee Hawkins Garby

... ( 3). I mention this, because it became clear to me later on that the success of such teaching does not depend solely on the patience, the love and the attention, nor even on the ability to, or the faculty for sensing the feelings of other creatures: not on the sympathy nor yet on the calm of individual persons, but rather on a particular person being ...
— Lola - The Thought and Speech of Animals • Henny Kindermann

... and then stared, at her, his face slowly whitening. She had said words that, spoken by a man, would have brought about another of those killings that horrified her. She watched him, sensing for the first time something of the terrible emotions that sometimes beset men in tense situations but entirely unconscious of the fact that she had hurt him far more than any ...
— The Range Boss • Charles Alden Seltzer

... speech took her aback. Yet, sensing in its very churlishness the sting of some old hurt, she answered him quietly, though with ...
— The Vision of Desire • Margaret Pedler

... survey the room generally. It was five o'clock of a January afternoon. Jennie had gone to one of the windows to lower the shade. As she came back he looked at her critically. "You're not quite your usual self, are you?" he asked, sensing something out of the ...
— Jennie Gerhardt - A Novel • Theodore Dreiser

... his way. He reached a high plank fence and sensing it with his fingers, he lay down, resting his ...
— The Best Short Stories of 1919 - and the Yearbook of the American Short Story • Various

... rose to Barlow's face, and he could swear that there were tears misting them; and sensing that if she had fallen in love with him, what he had said about her becoming a memsahib had hurt. Perhaps she, as he did, realised that that was the barred door to happiness—that she wasn't ...
— Caste • W. A. Fraser

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