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Scat   /skæt/   Listen

Flee; take to one's heels; cut and run.  Synonyms: break away, bunk, escape, fly the coop, head for the hills, hightail it, lam, run, run away, scarper, take to the woods, turn tail.  "The burglars escaped before the police showed up"

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"Scat" Quotes from Famous Books

... consideration. The clock, for you, is an instrument devised to cut up the day and night into your baby's eating- and sleeping-periods. I want you to get some floppy hats with roses on 'em, and dresses with ruffles and sashes. I'll stay home and guard your child from vandals and ogres. Scat!" ...
— Emma McChesney & Co. • Edna Ferber

... my child, Not because he's very wild; The Sissy Boy is never that, Although he'll run if you say "Scat!" The Sissy Boy's infinitesimal, He is not ...
— Poems for Pale People - A Volume of Verse • Edwin C. Ranck

... He was snorin' like a pirate when I found him, but when I stood over the bed with a candle I could see 't his wicked little eyes was wide open, and he was jest makin' b'lieve sleep in hopes I'd leave him where he was. Well, I yanked him out quicker 'n scat, 'n' locked him in the old chicken house, so I guess he'll stay out, now. For folks that claim to be no blood relation, I declare him 'n' the boy 'n' the baby beats anything I ever come across for bein' fond of ...
— Timothy's Quest - A Story for Anybody, Young or Old, Who Cares to Read It • Kate Douglas Wiggin

... "Scat!" said the parrot, waking from a doze and ruffling his feathers. "Quousque tandem, O Catilina? Vesta, Vesta, don't ...
— Mrs. Tree • Laura E. Richards

... big, yellow lantern. Now let me look at you! Nat, NAT! where are you, you beggar, stop rummaging around that dead stuff and come behind here and look at this live child! yes, right in here. Now look! Did you ever in all your born days see anything half so pretty?" the outburst ending with, "Scat, you little devil of a dog!" when Fudge gave a howl at ...
— Felix O'Day • F. Hopkinson Smith

... I will, dear. But I've got to row like everything now, so you must do the pretending for us both. We've got to get out there to those traps before you can say 'scat'!" ...
— Judith Lynn - A Story of the Sea • Annie Hamilton Donnell

... began to advance with his flaming beacons swinging around and around. "Look at the coward moving back, would you? Talk to me about your guns, they ain't in it with these things, when it comes to scaring off a pack of wild beasts. Scat! you terror, or I'll just swat you one alongside your jaw. Growl at me, will you? There, take that, ...
— The Aeroplane Boys on the Wing - Aeroplane Chums in the Tropics • John Luther Langworthy

... the meat, and just as we all came stringing out to the wagon with as much meat as we could carry, a company of Ferguson's Cavalry popped out of the woods about one hundred yards in front of us and were on top of us before we could say I scat. You see they'd ...
— Andersonville, complete • John McElroy

... cap—"to see ef it wouldn't soak in," he said. When, after a hard struggle, he was able to get three letters together and spell cat, c-a-t, he was so much pleased that he clapped his hands and shouted, "Scat!" at the top of ...
— A Busy Year at the Old Squire's • Charles Asbury Stephens

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