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Run-in   /rən-ɪn/   Listen

An angry dispute.  Synonyms: dustup, quarrel, row, words, wrangle.  "They had words"

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"Run-in" Quotes from Famous Books

... knows it." Dingwell opened on Roy his gay smile. "I hear you've had a run-in with the bad man of Chicito ...
— The Sheriff's Son • William MacLeod Raine

... contented himself with a sketch of the story up to this point, and thought to make up by reading this Part of two volumes carefully, he would probably feel these defects very strongly indeed. We—we corrupt moderns—do expect a quickening up for the run-in. The usual beginning may seem to the non-experts to promise this, or at least to give hopes of it; for though there is a vast deal of talking—with Anacharsis as a go-between and Gelonide (a good confidante), endeavouring to soften Thomyris, one ...
— A History of the French Novel, Vol. 1 - From the Beginning to 1800 • George Saintsbury

... "That run-in you had with the Malays?" returned the captain. "Yes, I remember your telling me about him. Saved your life, I think you said, when one of the beggars was going ...
— Doubloons—and the Girl • John Maxwell Forbes

... though." Anse gave his verdict. "We had us two books. Pa learned us to read outta them. One was th' Bible Ma brought long when she was married. T'other—that sure was kinda queer how we got that. Pa was in th' Rangers, an' he had this run-in with some Comanches—" Anse's eyes were suddenly bleak, and Drew remembered the few stark sentences the Texan had once spoken to explain his reason for being in the army—a return to a frontier ranch to find nothing left, nothing he wanted to remember, ...
— Rebel Spurs • Andre Norton

... come us to square it all up, both sides, and come to a understanding that didn't noways seem possible just a little while before. That was how we come to go back to the old Yellow Bull country, for part of the year anyways. It was how a right bad run-in was saved. It was how Old Man Wisner was kept from busting wide open the next day, and, like enough, a bank or so along with him. Likewise it was how them two fortunes, maybe fifty or ninety million or more between them when they got things cleaned up, was joined till death do them part. When ...
— The Man Next Door • Emerson Hough

... trouble, whereas it's what he lives on. I've always wanted to die in bed, while he's been a killer all his life and the smoke hangs forever in his eyes. Only for an accident we might have lived here all our days and never had a 'run-in,' which makes me wonder if I hadn't better let things go on as ...
— The Barrier • Rex Beach

... locoed. The sun mus' have tetched his brains out in the desert," he explained, with rapid invention. "I don't want no run-in with a crazy man. I might have to shoot, an' Slim's been a good fr'en' of mine. So I'm going to keep out of his way for a while. I'll ride over ...
— The Round-up - A Romance of Arizona novelized from Edmund Day's melodrama • John Murray and Marion Mills Miller

... Before going out with his gun, he wrote a letter to my father, and sent it by a trustworthy blackfellow. My father got the letter about ten o'clock at night; and he had a horse run-in at once, and started off for the station through a raging thunderstorm, arriving next day only in time to see his friend's body before it was moved to the house. My father was terribly cut-up about it. He was manager of an adjoining station ...
— Such is Life • Joseph Furphy

... me to take this," responded Kurt, as he dismounted the rifle. "I've already had one run-in with an I.W.W. I know tough customers when I see them. These foreigners are the kind I don't want near me. And if I see one trying to fire the wheat ...
— The Desert of Wheat • Zane Grey

Words linked to "Run-in" :   conflict, difference, dispute, affray, bust-up, squabble, fuss, wrangle, pettifoggery, bicker, fracas, bickering, spat, altercation, tiff, words, difference of opinion

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