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Rig up   /rɪg əp/   Listen
Rig up

Erect or construct, especially as a temporary measure.

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"Rig up" Quotes from Famous Books

... when I wouldn't have left them stones lying out there," he said, and presently, "Why, God bless you, I've made my own boots before to-day. Give me the tops and I'll soon rig up ...
— The Quest of the Golden Girl • Richard le Gallienne

... there to welcome them, eager to hear all the account of the evening's doings. "You summer folks beat me out!" she exclaimed. "Land! to see you rig up in all this trash and dance them funny dances is as good as a circus. I was watching you through the windows, me and ...
— Three Little Cousins • Amy E. Blanchard

... into watches first of all—two men aft here, and one at the bow. Watkins and I will take it watch and watch, but there is enough right now for all hands to turn to and make the craft shipshape. Two of you bail out that water till she's dry, and the others get out that extra sail forward and rig up a jib. She'll ride easier and make better progress with more canvas showing. How does ...
— Wolves of the Sea • Randall Parrish

... "Rig up the ice-saws, Mr. Bolton; set all hands at them, and get out the powder-canisters," cried Captain Guy, coming hastily ...
— The World of Ice • Robert Michael Ballantyne

... a minute!" begged Malcolm, throwing down his book. "Let's all play Indian this afternoon. We'll rig up, too, and build a wigwam down by the spring rock, and make a fire,—grandmother didn't say we couldn't make a fire; that's about the only thing she forgot to tell us ...
— Two Little Knights of Kentucky • Annie Fellows Johnston

... down in the electricians' shop," Latterman said. "Maybe we could rig up a sending set that could contact one of the telecast ...
— Null-ABC • Henry Beam Piper and John Joseph McGuire

... his boat in a scrub. They had a cargo of rations, and the crew stuck to the craft while the tucker lasted; when it gave out they rolled up their swags and went to look for a station, but didn't find one. The captain would study his watch and the sun, rig up dials and make out courses, and follow them without success. They ran short of water, and didn't smell any for weeks; they suffered terrible privations, and lost three of their number, NOT including the ...
— Over the Sliprails • Henry Lawson

... 6th, but after that the fighting, still kept up by the cavalry, moved far out of range to the east. By day the bulk of the force came down among the trees, while the outpost companies were able to rig up some kind of shelter from the sun with the blankets which camels had brought up by the 9th, one to two men. Providence perpetrated a huge practical joke when it designed the palm to be the only tree which will grow in the ...
— The Fifth Battalion Highland Light Infantry in the War 1914-1918 • F.L. Morrison

... we didn't think of something like that long ago," said his father. "Almost anybody could rig up ...
— Fifty Famous People • James Baldwin

... said, an unexpected note of authority in his voice, "we can't sit here all the morning like this. We ought to rig up a signal, in case any ship—. Moreover, we've got to get together and save as much as we can. We'll be hungry in a little while. We can't lie down on ...
— Angel Island • Inez Haynes Gillmore

... part. Say! You can rig up that room off the dining room for your office—I s'pose you'll have to have one. You make out a list of what dope you want—and be sure yuh get a-plenty. I look for an unhealthy summer among the cow-punchers. If I ain't mistook ...
— Chip, of the Flying U • B. M. Bower

... not. We have to get permission to install the tanks, you know. This isn't the South Pacific where you just go to your ground crew and ask them to rig up something for you." Stan laughed as O'Malley screwed ...
— A Yankee Flier Over Berlin • Al Avery

... Jack nodded. "That is, the kind of fun we find in our work. We want to get some metal, a few tools and other things, to rig up something that we think may serve ...
— The Submarine Boys' Trial Trip - "Making Good" as Young Experts • Victor G. Durham

... work before I go dippy," he soon declared. "They've got lots of power, and we can rig up a transmitter unit to send it over here to our receptor. Then I can start welding the old Hope together without waiting until we get to Titan to start it. Think I'll signal Barkovis to come over, and see what ...
— Spacehounds of IPC • Edward Elmer Smith

... you like," answered Bob. "Tomorrow's Saturday, so we could start early in the morning. It will probably take us some time to rig up the antenna." ...
— The Radio Boys Trailing a Voice - or, Solving a Wireless Mystery • Allen Chapman

... for me. Tell Dr. Burgess that I want Tracy, Fellows and Von Amburgh, with three more men down here by the next train. Also tell him to have Davis rig up a demagnetizer large enough to demagnetize the motors of a transport plane and bring it down here to fix up General Merton's ship. When you have finished that, get hold of Bolton and ask for a dozen secret service men. I want selected men with ...
— The Great Drought • Sterner St. Paul Meek

... wouldn't go together—eh? So I had to kind of give up the agency, and I took a churn that was filling a long-felt want just then. Churns is always my specialty and I forgot all about the bicycle—just like a fellow will—eh? But here a while back I wanted to rig up a gearing for the churn and so I took down the wreck of the old wheel, and dubbing around I worked out a ball-bearing sprocket joint—say, man, she runs just like a feather. And now what I want is a patent for the ...
— In the Heart of a Fool • William Allen White

... gave us a duck and a chicken and some mandioc and six pounds of rice, and would take no payment; he lived in a roomy house with his dusky, cigar-smoking wife and his many children. The new canoe was light and roomy, and we were able to rig up a low shelter under which I could lie; I was still sick. At noon we passed the mouth of a big river, the Rio Branco, coming in from the left; this was about in latitude 9 degrees 38 minutes. Soon afterward we came to the first serious rapids, the Panela. We carried the boats past, ran down the empty ...
— Through the Brazilian Wilderness • Theodore Roosevelt

... "I rig up a head-rest on the edge of the table, pull up the armchair, wrap myself in a rug and sleep leaning forward. I'll show you. Just get down Owen's 'Comparative Anatomy' and stack the volumes close to the edge of the table. Then set up Parker's 'Monograph on the Shoulder-girdle' in a slanting position ...
— The Uttermost Farthing - A Savant's Vendetta • R. Austin Freeman

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