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Recoup   /rɪkˈup/   Listen

Reimburse or compensate (someone), as for a loss.  Synonym: reimburse.
Regain or make up for.  Synonyms: recover, recuperate.
Retain and refrain from disbursing; of payments.  Synonyms: deduct, withhold.

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"Recoup" Quotes from Famous Books

... days later, on his return to Whitney, Ludovic indited a voluminous letter to his sister, in his very best style. "It is rather a waste," he reflected regretfully. "She will miss the neatest points. The happiest turns of phrase will be lost upon Louisa!" To recoup himself for which subjective loss the young man amused himself by giving a very alarmist account of certain matters, though he was constrained to admit the pleasing fact that Sir Richard and Lady Calmady really had it in contemplation ...
— The History of Sir Richard Calmady - A Romance • Lucas Malet

... very sorry to hear about your misfortune, Geoffrey, but there is a way of escape from most disasters if one will look for it, you know, and if you came to terms with them I understand those London people would, at least, recoup you for your expenditure." ...
— Thurston of Orchard Valley • Harold Bindloss

... reputation of Watson and Clive, who had so long fought against the French,[82] they thought it likely that, if the English demanded compensation for their losses, the Nawab would allow them to recoup themselves by seizing the French Settlements. M. Renault, therefore, wrote to Law to make sure that, in any treaty between the Nawab and the English, an article should be inserted providing for the neutrality ...
— Three Frenchmen in Bengal - The Commercial Ruin of the French Settlements in 1757 • S.C. Hill

... you shan't get), they can kill you out in your local market any time they try, on the same basis exactly as that on which they beat organized labor; for they can sell at a loss in your market because they are selling at a profit everywhere else, and they can recoup the losses by which they beat you by the profits which they make in fields where they have beaten other fellows and put them out. If ever a competitor who by good luck has plenty of money does break into the wider market, then the trust ...
— The New Freedom - A Call For the Emancipation of the Generous Energies of a People • Woodrow Wilson

... ignorant fools—they almost deserve their fate. They had better be concerning themselves with a huge, universal strike at the polls for lower prices. What will it avail to get higher wages, as long as the masters control and recoup on the prices of all the things for which those wages ...
— The Deluge • David Graham Phillips

... reckless mood when they started playing roulette. After they used up the money they had with them, they were allowed to continue playing on credit, chips being supplied to them as called for. My friend, after losing more than he could afford, was urged by desperation to keep on trying to recoup, and when he finally left the house, in the early hours of the morning, he had lost ten thousand dollars. That was the situation which faced him in his sober ...
— Heart and Soul • Victor Mapes (AKA Maveric Post)

... reasonableness of the price paid for the articles purchased, nor does he furnish any substantial check upon disbursing officers and the heads of departments or bureaus with sufficient promptness to enable the Government to recoup itself in full measure for unlawful expenditure. A careful plan is being devised and will be presented to Congress with the recommendation that the force of auditors and employees under them be greatly reduced, thereby effecting substantial economy. But this economy will be small compared ...
— Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present • Various

... have that five pounds," here broke in Mr. Craven, "do I clearly understand that I am to recoup myself out ...
— The Uninhabited House • Mrs. J. H. Riddell

... offices continues to be the chief source of income of the State. The candidates borrow the money at a high rate of interest from some Armenian business house, while the government permits these "lease-holders" to recoup themselves by the exploitation of their provinces to whatever extent they wish. Withal, they must fear either a higher bidder, who leaves them no time to get rich, or the State, if they happen to have grown rich. The provinces know beforehand that ...
— The German Classics of The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Vol. X. • Kuno Francke

... in the continuity of the gas supply to offer to furnish us with gas for a sum per year equal to that hitherto annually paid for coal until the amount expended by them on piping had been repaid, and afterward at half that sum. It took us about eighteen months to recoup the gas company, and we are now working under the permanent arrangement of one-half the previous cost of fuel on cars at work. Since our success in the use of this new natural fuel at the rail mills, parties still bolder have invested in lines of piping to ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 520, December 19, 1885 • Various

... my path, but he is not a pirate. Ay, take it down, an it please you, Master Secretary! I retreat from a most choice position, to be sure, but what care I? I see a vantage ground more to my liking. I have lost a throw, perhaps, but I will recoup ten such losses with one such kiss. ...
— To Have and To Hold • Mary Johnston

... and saw that it was from the governors of the great institution, suggesting that Stratton should resign his post for a twelvemonth, and go away on half salary to recoup his health. ...
— Witness to the Deed • George Manville Fenn

... learned that the mine was valueless, and realized that it could not serve him much longer as a means of raising funds. Still, he had trusted that by taking a vigorous part in the railroad struggle he would be able either to recoup his fortunes or at least to effect a compromise in the shadow of which his fiasco at Hope would be forgotten. As yet the truth about Hope Consolidated was not generally known to his stock-holders, but a certain restlessness among them had become troublesome. ...
— The Iron Trail • Rex Beach

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