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Poof   /puf/   Listen

Offensive term for an openly homosexual man.  Synonyms: fag, faggot, fagot, fairy, nance, pansy, poove, pouf, queen, queer.

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"Poof" Quotes from Famous Books

... do foolish things like going away to be shot," finished Mollie, "and—poof, go all ...
— The Outdoor Girls at the Hostess House • Laura Lee Hope

... "Happy? Poof! Happy as two dead sardines in a can. They can't get out—so they might as well be happy. Besides, he's ...
— Midnight • Octavus Roy Cohen

... daughter will be a hussy, and unfaithful to her husband; one day a police-officer will find her in a disreputable house; she will sell herself to a Crevel to cheat a Hulot—two horrible old men—' Poof! horrible—she would have died before the end of the sentence, she was so ...
— Cousin Betty • Honore de Balzac

... "Poof!" he said. "I shall have Mr. Fenley's murderer hanged long before your picture is hung. London provides one front-rank tragedy a week, but not another such masterpiece in ten years. Burn it because of a ...
— The Strange Case of Mortimer Fenley • Louis Tracy

... keeping them, but it's awkward. . . . The boy will grow up . . . . A father's example. . . . If I were alone, then it would be a different thing. . . . Besides, what's the use of my keeping them? Poof . . . it's a regular farce! I talk to them in Russian, and they answer me in French. They don't understand a thing—you can't knock ...
— Love and Other Stories • Anton Chekhov

... who lived there liked it or not. It seemed to me for a few glorious moments that I had only to tell them of the wonders in our country, the pleasant, quiet roads, the comfortable farmhouses, the fertile fields, and the wooded hills—and, poof! all this crowded poverty would dissolve and disappear, and they would all come to the country and be as happy ...
— The Friendly Road - New Adventures in Contentment • (AKA David Grayson) Ray Stannard Baker

... "Poof! Life is a game of cards. First you hold trumps, then they fall to me. It chances that now I hold the whip and ride on the crest of fortune's wave. Hope you don't ...
— The Pirate of Panama - A Tale of the Fight for Buried Treasure • William MacLeod Raine

... "Poof!" She blew his argument away with a fine sniff of denial, and her eyes shot forth fresh gleams of conviction. "How absurd to talk about a human law to keep persons from doing God's infinite will. God intends for persons to love each other. ...
— The Desired Woman • Will N. Harben

... they can't understand the animals' language; so how can you expect them to be any use? Imagine yourself, or your father, going to see a doctor who could not understand a word you say—nor even tell you in your own language what you must do to get well! Poof!—those vets! They're that stupid, you've no idea!—Put the Doctor's bacon down by the fire, will you?—to keep hot ...
— The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle • Hugh Lofting

... heart was kind, a fairy appeared to her one night, and told her that if she would go down to the shore of the great sea that was not far from the castle, and look carefully among the rocks and in the sand and dirt, she would find the jewel of happiness. Then the fairy disappeared—poof! just like that." ...
— Helen of the Old House • Harold Bell Wright

... half hour your trouble go poof!" He made a ring of smoke and watched it fade away. "And you shall be 'appy man. If I do ...
— The Bad Man • Charles Hanson Towne

... and moving it to and fro in a manner which looked easy enough, but which was in reality extremely difficult, and required no little effort of strength, so that by the time the dance was finished she was as flushed as her friends, and her breath came in quick, short pants. Poof—how hot she felt, and how tired! It was a relief to give the scarf into Mademoiselle's outstretched hands, and be free to feel for a handkerchief with which to wipe the moisture from her brow. There was a little difficulty in finding her ...
— Pixie O'Shaughnessy • Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey

Words linked to "Poof" :   derogation, disparagement, depreciation, gay man, shirtlifter

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