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Perturbing   /pərtˈərbɪŋ/   Listen

Causing distress or worry or anxiety.  Synonyms: distressful, distressing, disturbing, troubling, worrisome, worrying.  "Lived in heroic if something distressful isolation" , "A disturbing amount of crime" , "A revelation that was most perturbing" , "A new and troubling thought" , "In a particularly worrisome predicament" , "A worrying situation" , "A worrying time"

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"Perturbing" Quotes from Famous Books

... read it in our own country.[40] The action is very slight, and the play of motives very simple, when contrasted with the ingenuity of invention, the elaborate subtleties of psychological analysis, the power of rapid change from one perturbing incident or excited humour to another, which mark the modern writer of sentimental fiction. As the title warns us, it is a story of a youthful tutor and a too fair disciple, straying away from the lessons of calm philosophy into the ...
— Rousseau - Volumes I. and II. • John Morley

... quite independently of any real or supposed connection with this or that literary age or school. Let us close with the words of a most [16] versatile master of English—happily not yet included in Mr. Saintsbury's book—a writer who has dealt with all the perturbing influences of our century in a manner as classical, as idiomatic, as easy and ...
— Essays from 'The Guardian' • Walter Horatio Pater

... influences: one the rationalistic study of the Bible and of church history, the other modern philosophy, especially in its mystical and idealistic forms. The sensitiveness of the modernists to these two influences is creditable to them as men, however perturbing it may be to them as Catholics; for what makes them adopt the views of rationalistic historians is simply the fact that those views seem, in substance, convincingly true; and what makes them wander into transcendental speculations is the warmth of their ...
— Winds Of Doctrine - Studies in Contemporary Opinion • George Santayana

... really the case? does the equality of social conditions habitually and permanently lead men to revolution? does that state of society contain some perturbing principle which prevents the community from ever subsiding into calm, and disposes the citizens to alter incessantly their laws, their principles, and their manners? I do not believe it; and as the subject is important, I beg for the reader's ...
— Democracy In America, Volume 2 (of 2) • Alexis de Tocqueville

... those fierce denunciations and complaints, outcome of that time of general revolt, the "Roaring Forties" of the nineteenth century, that made them echo in Larry's heart, nor why the restless, passionate spirit that inspired them should have remained with him, a perturbing influence from which he never wholly escaped. His young soul burned with hatred of England, borrowed from the Bards of "The Nation" Office; he lay awake at nights, stringing rhymes in emulation of their shouts of fury, or picturing rebellions, ...
— Mount Music • E. Oe. Somerville and Martin Ross

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