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Orchid family   /ˈɔrkəd fˈæməli/   Listen
Orchid family

Enormous cosmopolitan family of perennial terrestrial or epiphytic plants with fleshy tubers or rootstocks and unusual flowers.  Synonyms: family Orchidaceae, Orchidaceae.

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Words linked to "Orchid family" :   genus Habenaria, genus Bletilla, Ophrys, genus Aerides, genus Selenipedium, genus Scaphosepalum, genus Goodyera, genus Pterostylis, genus Epipactis, Pleione, Sarcochilus, genus Dryadella, genus Aplectrum, genus Hexalectris, genus Malaxis, genus Coryanthes, monocot family, order Orchidales, genus Calopogon, genus Arethusa, genus Phalaenopsis, genus Anoectochilus, liliopsid family, genus Orchis, Calopogon, genus Cymbidium, genus Gymnadenia, genus Dracula, Spiranthes, genus Disa, Coryanthes, Pholidota, genus Ophrys, family Orchidaceae, Gymnadenia, Epidendrum, genus Pleione, Himantoglossum, genus Coelogyne, genus Maxillaria, genus Liparis, Aplectrum, genus Stanhopea, Platanthera, Dracula, Glossodia, genus Dactylorhiza, Goodyera, Trichoceros, genus Coeloglossum, genus Listera, genus Gymnadeniopsis, Encyclia, Listera, Hexalectris, Gymnadeniopsis, genus Dendrobium, genus Paphiopedilum, genus Cattleya, genus Plectorrhiza, genus Cypripedium, Epipactis, Malaxis, genus Bletia, genus Caladenia, genus Epidendrum, genus Pogonia, Orchidaceae, genus Encyclia, Cleistes, Orchidales, genus Corallorhiza, genus Pholidota, genus Oncidium, Anoectochilus, Dryadella, genus Vanilla, genus Sarcochilus, genus Catasetum, Grammatophyllum, Angraecum, Corallorhiza, genus Vanda, genus Calanthe, Eburophyton, Phragmipedium, genus Psychopsis, Cycnoches, genus Spiranthes, genus Stelis, Cephalanthera, genus Eburophyton, genus Angraecum, genus Rhyncostylis, genus Angrecum, Cypripedium, genus Cleistes, genus Himantoglossum, Coeloglossum, genus Odontoglossum, genus Miltonia, genus Schomburgkia, Bletilla, genus Trichoceros, genus Calypso, genus Cycnoches, Paphiopedilum, genus Sobralia, genus Grammatophyllum, Phalaenopsis, Rhyncostylis, Selenipedium, Pterostylis, Dactylorhiza, genus Phragmipedium, Catasetum, Scaphosepalum, Schomburgkia, Brassia, Miltonia, genus Masdevallia, Psychopsis, genus Cephalanthera, orchid, genus Laelia, genus Pleurothallis, genus Brassavola, genus Glossodia, Habenaria, genus Brassia, genus Platanthera, orchidaceous plant, Plectorrhiza, genus Phaius

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