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Nub   /nəb/   Listen

A small lump or protuberance.  Synonym: nubble.
A small piece.  Synonym: stub.  "A stub of a pencil"
The choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience.  Synonyms: center, centre, core, essence, gist, heart, heart and soul, inwardness, kernel, marrow, meat, nitty-gritty, pith, substance, sum.  "The heart and soul of the Republican Party" , "The nub of the story"

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"Nub" Quotes from Famous Books

... guns, like birds o' feather always flock together" the gambler answered him drily, "This young feller wouldn't feel that he was gettin' any joy out o' life if he didn't tackle the nub end o' the deal. I'm layin' even money he comes up ...
— The Long Chance • Peter B. Kyne

... by Aristophanes into an apology for beating one's father, Nub. 1415. [Greek: klaousi paides, patera d' ou klaein ...
— The Tragedies of Euripides, Volume I. • Euripides

... examination. Each rounded steel band ran unbroken except for the smooth, almost jointless hinge and the small lock which sat perched on the back of the wrist in a little rounded excrescence like a steel wart. In the flat center of each lock was a small keyhole and alongside of it a notched nub, the nub being sunk in a minute depression. On the inner side, underneath, the cuffs slid into themselves—two notches on each showing where the jaws might be tightened to fit a smaller hand than his—and right over the large blue veins in the middle ...
— The Escape of Mr. Trimm - His Plight and other Plights • Irvin S. Cobb

... pains to leave them in our chairs, open at marked passages of deep interest to students. We even scribbled heterogeneous notes, if for a moment there were nothing more amusing to do; and bits of paper scampered wildly about the deck informing those who retrieved them that "Nub" was ancient Egyptian for "gold," that Osiris created men and women from the tears he wept over his own body, cut in pieces by Set; that the ivy was his favourite plant; or that "scarabeus" was the Greek word for a blue-green beetle, which created itself from itself, becoming the symbol of eternal ...
— It Happened in Egypt • C. N. Williamson & A. M. Williamson

... the gold found in Casey Town comes from the main gulch where the creek runs. The gulch was once non-existent. It is likely there was a hill there. Its nub was a porphyry cap, the rest of it was composed of layers of porphyry and valueless rock dipping downward, nested like saucers in the synclinal layers. Ice and water wore off the nub and leveled the hill, then gouged out the gulch. They ground away, ...
— Rimrock Trail • J. Allan Dunn

... nub of the whole situation. Almost since the very day when the Pioneer began to blaze the trail of luxury over the railroads of the land, and the autocrat of the Pullman car created his servile but entirely honorable calling, it has been a mooted point. Recently a great Federal commission has blazed ...
— How To Write Special Feature Articles • Willard Grosvenor Bleyer

Words linked to "Nub" :   quiddity, gibbosity, hypostasis, jut, swelling, centre, content, bulge, prominence, hump, nubble, piece, bump, mental object, excrescence, bare bones, extrusion, protrusion, gibbousness, haecceity, part, protuberance, quintessence, cognitive content, stuff

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