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Nipper   /nˈɪpər/   Listen

A young person of either sex.  Synonyms: child, fry, kid, minor, nestling, shaver, small fry, tiddler, tike, tyke, youngster.  "They're just kids" , "'tiddler' is a British term for youngster"
A grasping structure on the limb of a crustacean or other arthropods.  Synonyms: chela, claw, pincer.

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"Nipper" Quotes from Famous Books

... "when I was a nipper and starting on my first voyage, my mother gave me this. She sewed it up in the waist-band of my breeches with her own hands and told me never to part with it until I'd been starving. I've been near to starvation often and often enough. But I never have starved before. This coin has always ...
— Ensign Knightley and Other Stories • A. E. W. Mason

... "There's a deal o' sense in beasts if ye take notice on 'em and treat 'em friendly like. Them little lambs as we did bring up to-year was so clever as Christians, wasn't they? Ye mind the little chap we did call Cronje, how he used to run to I when he did see I a-comin' wi' the teapot? And Nipper—ye mind Nipper? He didn't come on so well as the others; he was sickly-proud, so to speak, and wouldn't suckey out o' the teapot same as the rest. But he knowed his name so well as any o' them, and 'ud screw ...
— North, South and Over the Sea • M.E. Francis (Mrs. Francis Blundell)

... Sometimes we are out of pocket, and do not feel quite so hilarious, but we swallow a stiff nipper of brandy and draw our checks like men. I won five thousand from Lord Pilkington, three thousand from Lady Merryfield, and quite a number of one hundred pounders from the ladies of my set, who bet on the ...
— Daughters of the Revolution and Their Times - 1769 - 1776 A Historical Romance • Charles Carleton Coffin

... a quarter of an hour, you go a smearing your wet face against the expensive mourning that Mrs Richards is a wearing for your Ma!' With this remonstrance, young Spitfire, whose real name was Susan Nipper, detached the child from her new friend by a wrench—as if she were a tooth. But she seemed to do it, more in the excessively sharp exercise of her official functions, ...
— Dombey and Son • Charles Dickens

... causes of the change. One was, of course, the fact that there was not so much building going on as formerly, and another was the speeding up and slave-driving, and the manner in which the work was now done, or rather scamped. As old Philpot said, he could remember the time, when he was a nipper, when such a 'job' as that at 'The Cave' would have lasted at least six months, and they would have had more hands on it too! But it would have been done properly, not messed up like that was: all the woodwork would have been rubbed down with pumice stone and ...
— The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists • Robert Tressell

... through the knee of the bitts, which nips the cable on the bight: it consists of four or five fathoms of rope tailed out nipper fashion at one end, and clench-knotted at the other. The old bitt-stopper, by its running loop on a standing end, bound the cable down in a bight abaft the bitts—the tail twisted round the fore part helped to draw it still closer. It is now disused—chain ...
— The Sailor's Word-Book • William Henry Smyth

... taste is towards refinement and purity. I liked best "The Future Mrs. 'Awkins," with its taking tune, and "My Old Dutch," which revealed powers that, I should think, would come out grandly in Robsonian parts, such as "The Porter's Knot." "The Little Nipper" was ...
— The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll • Stuart Dodgson Collingwood

Words linked to "Nipper" :   rascal, bairn, appendage, kindergartener, fosterling, juvenile, crustacean, nip, extremity, child's body, sprog, youngster, wonder child, orphan, kiddy, kid, juvenile person, piccaninny, poster child, buster, silly, monkey, small fry, street child, picaninny, peanut, infant prodigy, urchin, scalawag, scamp, changeling, toddler, pickaninny, nestling, preschooler, foster child, foster-child, yearling, scallywag, tike, tyke, member, bambino, tot, shaver, kindergartner, imp, waif, child prodigy, rapscallion

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