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Mythical being   /mˈɪθəkəl bˈiɪŋ/   Listen
Mythical being

An imaginary being of myth or fable.

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"Mythical being" Quotes from Famous Books

... besmeared the pages; the garden wall, over which we had seen his red eyes gleam in the shadow; the blue porcelain jar that he cracked one winter's night, unless it was the frost; the trees, the streets, the benches—everything recalled Putois, the children's Putois, a local and mythical being. He did not equal in grace and poetry the dullest satyr, the stoutest fawn of Sicily or Thessaly. But he was still a demigod. He had quite a different character for our father; he was symbolical and philosophical. Our father had great compassion ...
— Putois - 1907 • Anatole France

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