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Motorcar   /mˈoʊtərkˌɑr/   Listen

A motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine.  Synonyms: auto, automobile, car, machine.

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"Motorcar" Quotes from Famous Books

... illustration of a further stage in the evolution of the motor-car. It is a fact that the aeroplane came after, but not a fact that it came from, the motor-car. If, as I believe, the new order which began to manifest itself in the fifteenth century stands to civilization as the aeroplane to the motorcar, and as the motor-car to the bicycle and the horse-cart, or as the turbine to the piston engine, then I am right in claiming that we ought not to call it civilization. If we do, we should be acting like any one who insisted ...
— Is civilization a disease? • Stanton Coit

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