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Listing   /lˈɪstɪŋ/   Listen

A database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics).  Synonym: list.
The act of making a list of items.  Synonyms: itemisation, itemization.

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"Listing" Quotes from Famous Books

... [137] Thus they proceed toward the castle, passing the list and the drawbridge; and when they passed the listing-place, the people who were gathered in the streets in crowds see Erec in all his beauty, and apparently they think and believe that all the others are in his train. Marvelling much, they stare at him; the whole town was stirred and ...
— Four Arthurian Romances - "Erec et Enide", "Cliges", "Yvain", and "Lancelot" • Chretien de Troyes

... available for about 815 individuals who either participated in Project TRINITY activities or visited the test site between 16 July 1945 and 1 January 1947. The listing does not indicate the precise military or unit affiliation of all personnel. Less than six percent of the Project TRINITY participants received exposures greater than 2 roentgens. Twenty-three of these individuals received exposures ...
— Project Trinity 1945-1946 • Carl Maag and Steve Rohrer

... children may acquire a collection of facts. Too often the lessons in these branches consist merely in memorizing text books, in learning long descriptions, in the study of meaningless maps and in the listing of political and military events in chronological order. The value of such work is comparatively small, and the studies cannot be considered profitable. If, however, children are taught to know and understand people, ...
— Journeys Through Bookland, Vol. 10 - The Guide • Charles Herbert Sylvester

... down, leaned back, folded his arms, and looked at her steadily, in a manner that might have been confusing. But Julia went on serenely opening, reading, and listing her letters. ...
— The Story Of Julia Page - Works of Kathleen Norris, Volume V. • Kathleen Norris

... don't mean that forge he ran in town, but his establishment at Grande Terre. He was more smuggler than pirate, that's why he lasted so long. Even the most respected tradesmen had dealings with him. Why, he used to post notices right in town when he held auctions at Barataria, listing what he had to sell, mostly smuggled Negroes and a few cargoes of luxuries from Europe. He was a privateer under the rules of war, but he was never a real pirate. At least, that's the belief ...
— Ralestone Luck • Andre Norton

... own, or Heinrich in strange postures, stalking the deer in Claverings Park. For a time he had had a great ambition to creep quite close to a deer and touch it.... Or Heinrich indexing. He had a passion for listing and indexing books, music, any loose classifiable thing. His favourite amusement was devising schemes for the indentation of dictionary leaves, so that one could turn instantly to the needed word. He had bought and cut the edges of three dictionaries; each in succession ...
— Mr. Britling Sees It Through • H. G. Wells

... Milicent Hilliard dance down the leaf-strewn walk to a last half-hour's play; a white-capped maid sheet the geranium beds against possible frost; and, finally, the householder himself emerge and light a cigar whose ruddy tip winked for a second in the thickening dusk. Listing from side to side, big Joe Hilliard tramped heavily down and away to his nightly haunt in the billiard room of the Tuscarora House. As the quarry owner's great bulk vanished Shelby entered the scene, briskly crosscut the Hilliard lawn, and bounded up the steps ...
— The Henchman • Mark Lee Luther

... 1. A change listing, especially giving differences between (and additions to) source code or documents (the term is often used in the plural 'diffs'). "Send me your diffs for the Jargon File!" Compare {vdiff}. 2. Specifically, such a listing produced ...
— The Jargon File, Version 4.0.0

... Sand; or, a Captain at Fifteen, number V018 in the T&M listing of the works of Jules Verne, is a translation of Un capitaine de quinze ans (1878). This translation was first published by George Munro (N.Y.) in 1878 and reprinted many times in the U.S. This is a different translation from that of Ellen E. Frewer who translated the book for Sampson and Low in ...
— Dick Sand - A Captain at Fifteen • Jules Verne

... myself, according to my usual custom, I heard a foul out-cry before Gomez' portal; and his wife, my penitent, making doleful lamentations: thereupon, making what haste my limbs would suffer me, that are crippled with often kneeling, I saw him spurning and listing her most unmercifully; whereupon, using Christian arguments with him to desist, he fell violently upon me, without respect to my sacerdotal orders, pushed me from him, and turned me about with a finger and a thumb, just as a man would set up a top. Mercy! quoth I.—Damme! quoth ...
— The Works of John Dryden, Vol. 6 (of 18) - Limberham; Oedipus; Troilus and Cressida; The Spanish Friar • John Dryden

... INFORMATION at the end of this Etext for a more complete bibliographic listing of the ...
— The Great Salt Lake Trail • Colonel Henry Inman

... with an Opera Glass, appeared in 1888. He was responsible for several other scientific titles (the reader is referred to the bibliography at the end of this volume for a detailed listing); they include Einstein's Theory of Relativity, which is a companion work to the motion picture of the same name. He was also editor-in-chief of Collier's sixteen-volume Popular Science Library. It might be added that much of the editing and captioning of the Einstein film was ...
— Edison's Conquest of Mars • Garrett Putnam Serviss

... then looked at the communicator, which shows in what direction the ship is listing. He saw that she carried five degrees ...
— Sinking of the Titanic - and Great Sea Disasters • Various

... beside him in the wood— He wooed with words and sighs; Ah! love in spring seems sweet and good, And maidens are not wise. Alas! alas! the woe that comes from listing lovers' sighs. ...
— Maurine and Other Poems • Ella Wheeler Wilcox

... pamphlet listing the number of rich men in New York was published under the direction of Moses Yale Beach, publisher of the "New York Sun." The contents of this pamphlet were vouched for as strictly accurate.[139] The pamphlet showed that there were at that ...
— History of the Great American Fortunes, Vol. I - Conditions in Settlement and Colonial Times • Myers Gustavus

... up from the bottom, dividing the floor-surfaces into numbered squares, measuring and listing and sketching and photographing. They packaged samples of organic matter and sent them up to the ship for Carbon-14 dating and analysis; they opened cans and jars and bottles, and found that everything fluid in them had evaporated, through ...
— Omnilingual • H. Beam Piper

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