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Lambaste   /lˌæmbˈæst/  /lˌæmbˈeɪst/   Listen

Beat with a cane.  Synonyms: cane, flog, lambast.
Censure severely or angrily.  Synonyms: bawl out, berate, call down, call on the carpet, chew out, chew up, chide, dress down, have words, jaw, lambast, lecture, rag, rebuke, remonstrate, reprimand, reproof, scold, take to task, trounce.  "The deputy ragged the Prime Minister" , "The customer dressed down the waiter for bringing cold soup"

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"Lambaste" Quotes from Famous Books

... so reproachfully that it made him feel so bad he couldn't deliver his lecture for sobs. He worked the pathetic on him, but if I came around there was no 'Only three grains of corn, mother,' expression on his face; he would just rear up on his tail and lambaste that glass trying to get at me. I had been living pretty well during our prosperity and I guess I looked good to him, so rather than have any hard feelings about it I stuck closer than ever to the ...
— Side Show Studies • Francis Metcalfe

... buck over the obstacle, landing on all fours, and then get a cut with the whip for having jumped badly! This is how many refusers are made. Another recipe for making a refuser is to pretend to ride hard at a fence and, at the last moment, turn the animal's head from it, and then loudly rate and "lambaste" him for refusing! Still another method is to "funk" the obstacle when it is too late, and check the horse with the curb after he has made his spring, which will cause him to crash into the middle ...
— The Horsewoman - A Practical Guide to Side-Saddle Riding, 2nd. Ed. • Alice M. Hayes

Words linked to "Lambaste" :   objurgate, pick apart, bawl out, correct, castigate, take to task, cane, berate, beat up, criticise, beat, brush down, chasten, tell off, knock, work over, criticize, chastise

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