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Lam   /læm/   Listen

(past & past part. lammed; pres. part. lamming)
Flee; take to one's heels; cut and run.  Synonyms: break away, bunk, escape, fly the coop, head for the hills, hightail it, run, run away, scarper, scat, take to the woods, turn tail.  "The burglars escaped before the police showed up"
Give a thrashing to; beat hard.  Synonyms: flail, thrash, thresh.

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"Lam" Quotes from Famous Books

... leaders: Catholic Church [Domingos LAM, bishop]; Macau Society of Tourism and Entertainment or STDM [Stanley HO, managing director]; Union for Democracy Development ...
— The 2001 CIA World Factbook • United States. Central Intelligence Agency.

... for their safety and kind treatment. We have two which were lam'd by being blown down in a storm (a calamity which destroys great numbers almost every spring). One of them is perfectly domesticated. The other is yet more remarkable; since although enjoying his natural liberty completely, he recognizes, ...
— The Farmer's Boy - A Rural Poem • Robert Bloomfield

... Murell was some swindler posing as an author. The only objection to that was that I couldn't quite see why any swindler would come to Fenris, or what he'd expect to swindle the Fenrisians out of. Of course, he could be on the lam from somewhere, but in that case why bother with all the cover story? Some of our better-known citizens came here dodging warrants on ...
— Four-Day Planet • Henry Beam Piper

... despair, when he is chid for murmuring and complaining! Lam. 3:39. Oh, so long as we are where promises swarm, where mercy is proclaimed, where grace reigns, and where Jerusalem sinners are privileged with the first offer of mercy, it is a base ...
— The Riches of Bunyan • Jeremiah Rev. Chaplin

... you shall have the best thanks not in words, but in actions: you have roused my ambition, and I will pursue noble ends by noble means. A few years have been sacrificed; but the lessons that they have taught me remain. I cannot, presumptuous as lam, flatter myself that my exertions can be of any material utility to my fellow-creatures, but what I can do I will, my excellent friend! If I be hereafter either successful in public, or happy in private life, it is to you I ...
— Tales and Novels, Vol. III - Belinda • Maria Edgeworth

... point to the return of the exiles from Babylon, and ch. xxxiv. may also without violence be fitted into this time. The Jews never forgot or forgave the Edomites for their cruelty on the occasion of the destruction of Jerusalem (Lam. iv. 21ff., Ps. cxxxvii. 7) and the joy of their own redemption would be heightened by the ruin of Edom (Mal. i. 2-5). If, however, xxxiv. 16 implies, as we are not bound to believe, a fixed prophetic canon, ...
— Introduction to the Old Testament • John Edgar McFadyen

... perfume. The woody stem acts in these regions as the doornboom of South Africa, the wild sage of the western prairies, and the shih (absinthium) of the Arabian desert. The Arabic Retama, or Alpine broom (Cytisus fragrans, Lam.; Cyt. nubigenus, Decan.; Spartium nubigenum, Alton and Von Buch), is said to be peculiar to Tenerife, where it is not found under one vertical mile of height. Some travellers divide it into two species, Spartium ...
— To the Gold Coast for Gold - A Personal Narrative in Two Volumes.—Vol. I • Richard F. Burton

... now. Dis yer little Euginny is des' de spit er her ma, en it 'ud mek Ole Miss tu'n in her grave ter hear tell 'bout her gwines on. De quality en de po' folks is all de same ter her. She ain' no mo' un inspecter er pussons den de Lord is—ef Ole Miss wuz 'live, I reckon she'd lam 'er twel she wuz ...
— The Voice of the People • Ellen Glasgow

... wuz jes de greates' 'traction in de county, 'n bless de lam'! Eveh darkey wuz a-co'tin, but it lay 'twix me ...
— Fifty years & Other Poems • James Weldon Johnson

... There were two white women in hysterics at the house, and a half-caste rushing aimlessly round with a dipper of cold water. The publican was holding his wife tight and begging her between her squawks, to 'hold up for my sake, Mary, or I'll lam ...
— Joe Wilson and His Mates • Henry Lawson

... r[i]ter und ein maget 240 d[a] riten hiute morgen. diu frouwe fuor mit sorgen: mit sporen sie vaste ruorten, die die juncfrouwen fuorten.' e[z] was Meljahkanz. 245 den erg[a]hte Karnachkarnanz, mit str[i]te er ime die frouwen nam: diu was d[a] vor fr[o:]uden lam. sie hie[z] [I]m[a]ne von der ...
— A Middle High German Primer - Third Edition • Joseph Wright

... seek final escape, this is indeed the work of a true teacher, this is the aim of an enlightened master; this place is no right halting-place for you; you ought to proceed to Mount Pinda: there dwells a great Muni, whose name is A-lo-lam. He only has reached the end of religious aims, the most excellent eye of the law. Go, therefore, to the place where he dwells, and listen there to the true exposition of the law. This will make your ...
— Sacred Books of the East • Various

... writes "Julned." In a fancy name we must not look for grammar, but a quiescent lam (l) followed by nun (n) is unknown to Arabic while we find sundry cases of "lan" (fath'd lam and nun), and Jalandah means noxious or injurious. In Oman also there was a dynasty called Julandah. for which see Mr. ...
— The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Volume 7 • Richard F. Burton

... said Juno, who had got her solace in good order again, and was all ready to start off on a new stream of jabber. "Dat's so—Clump not ole nuff ter know dat fire-lite more good dan lam-lite. Hi! hi! he ...
— Captain Mugford - Our Salt and Fresh Water Tutors • W.H.G. Kingston

... E-ME-TE-UR-SAG (the temple at Kish). I made secure the great shrine of Ninni. I ordered the temple of Harsagkalama E-KI-SAL-nakiri, by whose assistance I attained my desire. I restored Kutha and increased everything at E-SID-LAM (the temple there). Like a charging bull, I bore down my enemies. Beloved of TU-TU (a name of Marduk) in my love for Borsippa, of high purpose untiring, I cared for E-ZI-DA (temple of Nabu there). As a god, king of the city, knowing and farseeing, I looked to the plantations ...
— Babylonian and Assyrian Laws, Contracts and Letters • C. H. W. Johns

... are gone, and here must I remain, Lam'd by the scathe of fire, lonely and faint, This lime-tree bower my prison! They, meantime My Friends, whom I may never meet again, On springy heath, along the hill-top edge Wander delighted, and look down, perchance, On that same rifted ...
— The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb, Vol. 5 • Edited by E. V. Lucas

... himself from his clothes again and retire, he rose earlier and earlier in the morning, and muttered more and more about the young folks sleeping away the best of the day, and he said he had no doubt that sleeping and snoring till breakfast time helped to carry off Lam. But one day old Father Time came along with a new scythe, and he drew the whetstone across it a few times, and rolled the sleeves of his red-flannel undergarment up over his warty elbows, and Mr. Methuselah passed on to that undiscovered country, with a ...
— Nye and Riley's Wit and Humor (Poems and Yarns) • Bill Nye

... fresh water, a bed of muddy clay, six feet in thickness, with numerous shells of species still existing in the Plata, namely, the Azara labiata, d'Orbigny, fragments of Mytilus eduliformis, d'Orbigny, Paludestrina Isabellei, d'Orbigny, and the Solen Caribaeus, Lam., which last was embedded vertically in the position in which it had lived. These shells lie at the height of only two feet above the lake, nor would they have been worth mentioning, except in connection ...
— South American Geology - also: - Title: Geological Observations On South America • Charles Darwin

... (Hai-lam), again (setting aside the central aborigines), a language is spoken which differs from Amoy more than that of Swatow, but is more nearly related to these two than to any other ...
— The Travels of Marco Polo, Volume 2 • Marco Polo and Rustichello of Pisa

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