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Inhalation   /ɪnəlˈeɪʃən/  /ˌɪnhəlˈeɪʃən/   Listen

The act of inhaling; the drawing in of air (or other gases) as in breathing.  Synonyms: aspiration, breathing in, inspiration, intake.
A medication to be taken by inhaling it.  Synonym: inhalant.

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"Inhalation" Quotes from Famous Books

... impossible to generate sufficient ozone by this plan for the large application that would be required should it come into general use. The process deserves to be remembered, and the physician may find it valuable as a means by which ozone may be medically applied, to wounds, or by inhalation when there are foetid exhalations from the ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 717, September 28, 1889 • Various

... antiseptic gargles are indicated. Later, when the patient is unable to gargle, the inhalation of steam impregnated with the vapour of carbolic acid or friar's balsam, and the application of hot fomentations or a large linseed poultice to the neck may afford relief. When an abscess is formed, it should be opened by means of a fine-pointed ...
— Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities—Head—Neck. Sixth Edition. • Alexander Miles

... of saintliness. By the latter we are not to understand merely the aspiration after virtue or after a lofty ideal, still pursued and still eluding, but to a certain extent the embodiment of this ideal in the life—virtue become a normal experience like the inhalation and exhalation of breath! Moreover, the spiritually-minded seem always to be possessed of a great secret. This air of interior knowledge, of the perception of that which is hidden from the uninitiated, is a common mark of all ...
— The Essentials of Spirituality • Felix Adler

... by hydrocyanic acid, cyanide of potassium, inhalation of carbonic acid or coal gas, oedema of ...
— Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology • W. G. Aitchison Robertson

... blush it appears, judging from their bright eyes and lively behaviour, that their mental powers are somewhat stimulated. It is only when the blushing is excessive that the mind grows confused. Therefore it would seem that the capillaries of the face are affected, both during the inhalation of the nitrite of amyl and during blushing, before that part of the brain is affected on which the ...
— The Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals • Charles Darwin

... phenomenon to an equally marked degree attended the sound of her breathing. It is well enough known that the smallest functional bodily changes induce changes in both the rapidity and the quality of the respiration. In sleep the muscles of inhalation and exhalation are relaxed, inhalation becomes long and deep, exhalation short and exhaustive, and the rhythmic intervals of respiration much lengthened. Now degrees of relative wakefulness are indicated with surprising delicacy by the slight respiration sounds given forth by the ...
— The Story of the Mind • James Mark Baldwin

... made, in particular, to the East Lothian coal-miners. The carbonaceous disease described, was stated to be caused by the inhalation of substances floating in the atmosphere of the coal-pit, such as the products of the combustion of gunpowder, the smoke from the miner's lamp, and the other foreign matters with which the air of the mines is heavily charged, in consequence of their defective ventilation. In the mines ...
— An Investigation into the Nature of Black Phthisis • Archibald Makellar

... caustics act by coagulating the albumen, or by the withdrawal of water from the cell. Other poisons act by forming stable chemical compounds with certain of the cell constituents and thereby preventing the usual chemical processes from taking place. Death from the inhalation of illuminating gas is due to the carbon monoxide contained in this, forming a firm chemical union with the haemoglobin of the red corpuscles so that the function of these as ...
— Disease and Its Causes • William Thomas Councilman

... less degree than was afterward accomplished by Listerism. Ether did not long remain the only anaesthetic known; Simpson, of Edinburgh, soon discovered that chloroform was possessed of even more decided anaesthetic properties. The inhalation of ether is disagreeable, and it is slow in producing the desired effect, whereas that of chloroform is not unpleasant, and it acts more rapidly. Consequently chloroform soon came to be generally preferred; but abundant experience has finally shown that ether ...
— Beacon Lights of History, Volume XIV • John Lord

... discourage any man from reading the best; but I often think that we forget that other side to this glorious view of literature—the misuse of books, the debilitating waste of brain in aimless, promiscuous, vapid reading, or even, it may be, in the poisonous inhalation of mere literary garbage ...
— English Prose - A Series of Related Essays for the Discussion and Practice • Frederick William Roe (edit. and select.)

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