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Inebriate   /ɪnˈɛbriˌeɪt/   Listen

(past & past part. inebriated; pres. part. inebriating)
Fill with sublime emotion.  Synonyms: beatify, exalt, exhilarate, thrill, tickle pink.  "He was inebriated by his phenomenal success"
Make drunk (with alcoholic drinks).  Synonyms: intoxicate, soak.
Become drunk or drink excessively.  Synonyms: hit it up, soak, souse.

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"Inebriate" Quotes from Famous Books

... with red; they sported stripes, or circles of plain colours; they wore long, slender antennae, or short knobby horns; they carried rapiers or pinchers, long legs or short. In fact they ran the gamut of grace and horror, so that an inebriate would find here a ...
— African Camp Fires • Stewart Edward White

... exceedingly stout. Stick to your cups, but forbear, as Milton says, "to interpose them oft." In medio tutissimus,—Half a noggin is better than no wine. For the sake of the dear old times, spare me the pain of seeing you a reformed inebriate or ...
— Atlantic Monthly, Vol. II., November, 1858., No. XIII. • Various

... horses, shining like glass on a sunny morning, every one of them going to vote "no" against woman suffrage. You can not convert them; it is impossible. Now and then there is a whisky manufacturer, drunkard, inebriate, libertine, and what we call a fast man, and a colored man, broad and generous enough to be willing to let women vote, to let his mother have her opinion counted as to whether there shall be license or no license, but the rank and file of all classes, ...
— Debate On Woman Suffrage In The Senate Of The United States, - 2d Session, 49th Congress, December 8, 1886, And January 25, 1887 • Henry W. Blair, J.E. Brown, J.N. Dolph, G.G. Vest, Geo. F. Hoar.

... a Sunday without Taint, and Some Sigh for Inebriate Paradise to come, While Moonshine takes the Cash (no Credit goes) And real old Stuff demands ...
— The Rubaiyat of Ohow Dryyam - With Apologies to Omar • J. L. Duff

... views. But the most noted man in the movement at the present time, and the one best known to the British public, is John B. Gough. This gentleman was at one time an actor on the stage, and subsequently became an inebriate of the most degraded kind. He was, however, reclaimed through the great Washingtonian movement that swept over the United States a few years since. In stature, Mr. Gough is tall and slim, with black hair, which he usually wears too long. As ...
— Three Years in Europe - Places I Have Seen and People I Have Met • William Wells Brown

... imparting information is concerned, but actually deleterious in their moral tendency, and calculated to vitiate and enervate the mind. Such publications as pander to a prurient taste find a large circulation with a portion of society who read them for the same reason that the inebriate seeks his bowl, or the gambler the instruments of his vocation—for the excitement they produce. The influence of works of this description is all bad—there is not a single redeeming feature to commend them to the favor or toleration of the virtuous ...
— Thrilling Adventures by Land and Sea • James O. Brayman

... trembling hand. Satan again, but the Revised Version gave "the Lord's servant," and thus the text should read, "Deliver him up to the Lord's servant for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord." This made him cry out. He drank it in with inebriate delight. The thing was irrevocably decided. He was justified, he was authorized, he was the instrument of a fixed purpose. No other ...
— The Christian - A Story • Hall Caine

... senenergia. Indomitable nedresebla. Indorse dorseskribi. Indubitable neduba. Induce decidigi, alkonduki. Indulge indulgi. Indulge (one's self) indulgigxi. Indulgence indulgo. Industrious diligenta. Industry (business) industrio. Inebriate ebrii. Ineffectual vana. Ineligible neelektebla. Inert senmova. Inertia inercio. Inestimable netaksebla. Inevitable neevitebla. Inexact malgxusta. Inexhaustible nekonsumebla. Inexpedient nenecesa, nekonvena. Inexperience ...
— English-Esperanto Dictionary • John Charles O'Connor and Charles Frederic Hayes

... you will consent that they direct the chase, bag the game, inebriate some of the sportsmen, and leave the rest behind in the slough. May ...
— Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. CCCXXIX. - March, 1843, Vol. LIII. • Various

... much in what he said, as the girl recognized. She blamed herself for her hasty promise, but somehow the events of the previous night had placed him on a different footing, had given him a certain indefinable position to which the inebriate ...
— The Green Rust • Edgar Wallace

... rest all waited on and wuz jest a liftin' my cup to my lips, the cup that cheers everybody but don't inebriate 'em—good, strong Japan tea with cream in it. Oh, how good it smelt. But I hadn't fairly got it to my mouth when I wuz called off sudden, before I had drinked a drop, for the ...
— Samantha Among the Brethren, Complete • Josiah Allen's Wife (Marietta Holley)

... double charge settled all. The pack-horses were ours again, with twenty-one inebriate prisoners. My mare, galloping home with the third pack-horse at her heels, had alarmed the picket, and Wilkins, with twenty men, had turned out to scour ...
— Corporal Sam and Other Stories • A. T. Quiller-Couch

... merry career. It would be more than this. We spoke, just now, of her example as a deterrent to others. Well, this example, so far as we spectators are concerned, would lose its point and pungency if she died as you propose—a half-reclaimed inebriate in some home. She must be run over, or otherwise violently destroyed, if we are to have the full benefit of the example. It is only then that we shall be able to say to ourselves: Ah, we always thought it was risky to drink strong waters, but ...
— South Wind • Norman Douglas

... post on the hills through which the trail to Koffyfontein passes. There would have been no necessity to caution the advance-guard to slowness; and the main body just sauntered on, while commanding officers were asking themselves whether the brigadier was mad or inebriate to plunge into a night march of this character when his object was only to get to Kimberley. The good ladies of Luckhoff watched the last of the transport disappear over the nek into the darkness of gathering night, and then sent their ...
— On the Heels of De Wet • The Intelligence Officer

... Mingle by name; and, like yourself, in for formal reform," retorts the voice. And the burly figure of a red, sullen-faced man, comes forward, folds his arms, and looks for some minutes with an air of contempt upon the poor inebriate. ...
— Justice in the By-Ways - A Tale of Life • F. Colburn Adams

... body lying across the track, and had stopped in time to save the life of a man, who, stupefied with drunkenness, had fallen asleep. The movement startled the passengers, many of whom alighted and gathered around the inebriate. ...
— Maggie Miller • Mary J. Holmes

... was for such a brilliant man to drown his senses and obscure his intellect with wine. Though I had for some years, at least since I was married, kept that sort of company which led me to take my glass freely, yet I seldom took it to excess, and never to inebriate myself. This melancholy example of Mr. Clifford had a very great effect upon me. To see a man of the most brilliant talent, of the most profound erudition, so far forget himself as to become an object of pity and contempt, imbecile, and even beastly, was a sight ...
— Memoirs of Henry Hunt, Esq. Volume 1 • Henry Hunt

... was well known that he was not insensible of fame. He was, at an advanced age, exquisitely anxious about the fate of one of his tragedies; and a public coronation at the theatre at Paris, had power to inebriate him at eighty-four. Those who have exhausted the stimulus of wine, may yet be intoxicated by opium. The voice of numbers appears to be sometimes necessary to give delight to those who have been fatigued with the praise of individuals; but this taste ...
— Practical Education, Volume I • Maria Edgeworth

... the clown and the merry-and-wise wit was, in those days, not clearly drawn. The stories of the former, which made the matrons look down and the maidens to hide their faces, were often more appreciated by the inebriate nobles than some subtile comicality or nimble lines of poetry, that would serve to take home and think over, and which improved with time like a wine of sound body. Triboulet abused the ancient art of foolery, thought Caillette; the duke's plaisant played ...
— Under the Rose • Frederic Stewart Isham

... on to war the coward dauntless dies, And sinking minds beneath unwieldy care, Cast off the load, and move with sprightful air. To her, all arts their origin must owe: What wretch so dull but eloquent must grow, When the full goblets with persuasive wine, Inebriate with bright elegance divine, The drunken beggars plume like proudest kings, And the poor ...
— Ebrietatis Encomium - or, the Praise of Drunkenness • Boniface Oinophilus

... fire, and close the shutters fast, Let fall the curtains, wheel the sofa round, And, while the bubbling and loud-hissing urn Throws up a steamy column, and the cups, That cheer but not inebriate, wait on each, So let us welcome ...
— English Literature For Boys And Girls • H.E. Marshall

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