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Not able or intended to be moved.  Synonyms: immovable, stabile, unmovable.

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"Immoveable" Quotes from Famous Books

... during the whole of these two days, the drawing-room where he lay in his coffin was incessantly full of people. It nay be safely asserted that more than ten thousand persons visited it, in order to obtain one look at him: many were in tears, others stood long immoveable, and seemed as though they wished to behold his face; there was something inexpressibly striking in his immobility amid all this movement, and something mysteriously touching in the prayer which was heard so gently and so uniformly murmured amid that confused murmur of whispered ...
— Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 57, No. 356, June, 1845 • Various

... after these glutinous applications it is restive, and has a surface on it somewhat in the nature of pastry—and gets to the club by the appointed time. At the club he promptly secures a large window, writing materials, and all the newspapers, and establishes himself; immoveable, to be respectfully contemplated by Pall Mall. Sometimes, when a man enters who nods to him, Twemlow says, 'Do you know Veneering?' Man says, 'No; member of the club?' Twemlow says, 'Yes. Coming in for Pocket-Breaches.' ...
— Our Mutual Friend • Charles Dickens

... an exemption from suffering by a tame surrender of any part of the righteous claim of America. May Heaven give wisdom and fortitude to each of the Colonies, and succeed their unremitted efforts, in the establishment of public liberty on an immoveable foundation. ...
— The Writings of Samuel Adams, vol. III. • Samuel Adams

... then he had noticed all things so imperfectly. Was it impossible to free a limb, or to ungag his mouth? He tried to turn his head, but it was clear that throttling would be the only result of any such effort; and the bonds on hands and feet were immoveable. No escape, save ...
— The Unclassed • George Gissing

... non-existing universe; who is the creator of high and low; the ancient, exalted, inexhaustible one; who is Vishnu, beneficent and the beneficence itself, worthy of all preference, pure and immaculate; who is Hari, the ruler of the faculties, the guide of all things moveable and immoveable; I will declare the sacred thoughts of the illustrious sage Vyasa, of marvellous deeds and worshipped here by all. Some bards have already published this history, some are now teaching it, and others, in like manner, will hereafter promulgate it upon the earth. It ...
— The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa - Translated into English Prose - Adi Parva (First Parva, or First Book) • Kisari Mohan Ganguli (Translator)

... may be made partakers of his victory and conquest, and so reap the fruit of his resurrection and ascension, in their establishment in the truth, when it is borne down and questioned, yea, and condemned by men. He abode steadfast and immoveable in the midst of all the storms that blew in his face; and as he came to bear witness to the truth, so did he faithfully and zealously avow truth, even to the death; and in death got the victory of the arch liar and deceiver. Now the ...
— Christ The Way, The Truth, and The Life • John Brown (of Wamphray)

... Immoveable thou sittest, still As death, composed to bear! Thy head is clear, thy feeling chill, ...
— Poetical Works of Matthew Arnold • Matthew Arnold

... remarkably accurate. The term employed to indicate the injury which men inflict upon themselves when they resist the Redeemer in the day of grace, conveys the idea of the crushing which takes place when a man strikes swiftly with all his force against a great immoveable rock; the term which indicates the overwhelming of Christ's enemies by his own power put forth in the day of judgment, conveys the idea of the crushing which takes place when a great rock falls from a height upon a living man. The one calamity is great in ...
— The Parables of Our Lord • William Arnot

... was valiant for the truth, bold in asserting it, patient in suffering for it, unwearied in labouring in it, steady in his testimony to it, immoveable as a rock.'—T. ...
— A Book of Quaker Saints • Lucy Violet Hodgkin

... heart from jumping out of his mouth. A caricature of fright could scarcely be more absurd. The young conscript, a fair red-haired youth, was as white as a sheet, and he stood with his eyes and mouth open, like one who thought he saw a ghost, immoveable as a statue. He was sadly frightened, too. The boy would probably have come to, and proved a good soldier in the end; but as for Mr. Mayeux, although scarcely five feet high, he appeared as if he could never make himself short ...
— A Residence in France - With An Excursion Up The Rhine, And A Second Visit To Switzerland • J. Fenimore Cooper

... Heubach from my roll of fame, He passes under memory's scan A simple minded honest man, With manners quiet, mild and bland, An emigrant from fatherland. And Joseph Nadeau, far and near Famed 'mongst the boys for good La Tir And old John Cochran stern and tall, Immoveable as a stone wall! Staunch to his principles stood he, No matter what the cost might be; Oh! for a few of his old stamp, To trim with fire the waning lamp! And Louis Grison, worthy man, In "Maville's village," first began His little trade, which wider ...
— Recollections of Bytown and Its Old Inhabitants • William Pittman Lett

... fixed beyond her power to shake, she had cast herself at his feet, and implored the return of his affection and tenderness, as the only means to save his once-beloved ward from an untimely death. But her understanding—her knowledge of his firm and immoveable temper; and of all his provocations—her knowledge of his word, long since given to Sandford, "That if once resolved, he would not recall his resolution"—the certainty of the various plans arranged for his travels, all convinced her, that by any interference, ...
— A Simple Story • Mrs. Inchbald

... for music," said Emilia firmly, and was immoveable. In despair, Tracy proposed attaching a lanky barbarian daughter to Brennus, whose deeds of arms should provoke the ...
— The Shaving of Shagpat • George Meredith

... placed upon the side-board. Every body was impatient for something: the guards to go and drink, La Ramee to dine, and Monsieur de Beaufort to escape. Grimaud was the only one who seemed to be waiting for nothing, and to remain perfectly calm; and at times when the duke looked at his dull, immoveable countenance, he almost doubted whether that could be the man who was ...
— Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 62, Number 361, November, 1845. • Various

... he, too, go to sleep,—he, Gilmore? Could he not fall asleep,—not only for a few moments on such an occasion as this,—but altogether, after the Akinetos fashion, as explained by his friend Fenwick? Could he not become an immoveable one, as was this divine uncle of his? No Mary Lowther had ever disturbed that man's happiness. A good dinner, a pretty ring, an easy chair, a china tea-cup, might all be procured with certainty, as long as money lasted. Here was a man before him superbly comfortable, absolutely ...
— The Vicar of Bullhampton • Anthony Trollope

... its Rise from speaking, and then its foundation first of all out of a certain trial, which manifests it by Experience, and this is firmed upon hard Rocks by manual Operations, but the other stands upon moving Reeds & Sand; wherefore in reason that which is strong and immoveable, made by Natures hand, ought to be prefer'd before bare Speeches, which proceed only from an inconstant phantastical speculation, because the Work ...
— Of Natural and Supernatural Things • Basilius Valentinus

... moment Pitt's power was at an end. His pride, his immoveable firmness, and the general confidence of the nation, still kept him at the head of affairs; but he could do little save drift along with a tide of popular feeling which he never fully understood. Around him the country broke out in a fit of passion and panic which rivalled the ...
— History of the English People, Volume VIII (of 8) - Modern England, 1760-1815 • John Richard Green

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