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Honk   /hɑŋk/  /hɔŋk/   Listen

Make a loud noise.  Synonyms: beep, blare, claxon, toot.
Use the horn of a car.  Synonym: claxon.
Cry like a goose.  Synonym: cronk.
Eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth.  Synonyms: barf, be sick, cast, cat, chuck, disgorge, puke, purge, regorge, regurgitate, retch, sick, spew, spue, throw up, upchuck, vomit, vomit up.  "He purged continuously" , "The patient regurgitated the food we gave him last night"

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"Honk" Quotes from Famous Books

... quaintest spectacles of human frailty is an outbreak of hysterics in a girls' school. It starts without warning, generally on a hot afternoon, among the elder pupils. A girl giggles till the giggle gets beyond control. Then she throws up her head and cries, "Honk, honk, honk," like a wild goose, and tears mix with the laughter. If the mistress be wise, she will rap out something severe at this point to check matters. If she be tender-hearted, and send for a drink of water, ...
— This is "Part II" of Soldiers Three, we don't have "Part I" • Rudyard Kipling

... corner field had all been loaded, and the teamster was stooping for the reins, when the raucous honk of an auto caused him to pause and ...
— The Unknown Wrestler • H. A. (Hiram Alfred) Cody

... imitate the call of the geese, and throwing his voice so that it seemed from the decoys, it appeared as if they in the goose grass were saying, "Honk: Honk: Honk:" which the Indians say is the goose language ...
— Three Boys in the Wild North Land • Egerton Ryerson Young

... the mountainous wastes and blighted marshlands which only unknown wild-birds ever touch with their flying wings, and of which madmen dream—these are the things, the ugly, terrible things, that this great optimist turns into poetry. "Yo honk!" cries the wild goose, as it crosses the midnight sky. Others may miss that mad-tossed shadow, that heartbreaking defiance—but from amid the drift of leaves by the roadside, this bearded Fakir of Outcasts has caught its meaning; has heard, ...
— Visions and Revisions - A Book of Literary Devotions • John Cowper Powys

... elusive, came the sound. It was within a half mile now, and there was no mistaking the destination, the intent of its makers. "Honk! honk! honk! honk!" from many throats, in many keys, louder and louder, confused as children's voices at play; then in turn diminishing, retreating. Very mystifying to one who did not understand would have been that augmenting, lessening sound; but to that waiting ...
— Where the Trail Divides • Will Lillibridge

... listen even to birds whose message is pure melody. And how many of us hear the city sounds which surround us, the characteristic whirr of revolving wheels, the vibrating rhythm of horses' feet, the crunch of footsteps in the snow? Noises we hear, the warning shriek of the fire engine or the honk! honk! of the automobile. But the subtler, finer reverberations we are not sensitive to. Yet little children love to listen and develop another method of sensing and appreciating their world by this pleasurable use of their hearing. It surely is an unused opportunity for story-tellers. I ...
— Here and Now Story Book - Two- to seven-year-olds • Lucy Sprague Mitchell

... turn at this time a suite at the Gilsey House, the Marlborough, the Normandie—always on Broadway, you see. The limelight district was his home. He rose in the morning to the clang of the cars and the honk of the automobiles outside; he retired at night as a gang of repair men under flaring torches might be repairing a track, or the milk trucks were rumbling to and from the ferries. He was in his way a public restaurant and hotel favorite, a shining ...
— Twelve Men • Theodore Dreiser

... I had time to stop here longer," she sighed, putting down her basket and patting a great beech tree. "Thank goodness the Bucks were too lazy to cut you down and the Knights too slow." The honk of an automobile horn startled her. A seven-seated passenger car was coming down the road and in the distance could be seen the ...
— The Comings of Cousin Ann • Emma Speed Sampson

... "Honk! Honk!" Hoarse and sharp the cry of a motor drifted clearly up from the silence below. They started backward with a cry and gazed upon each other with eyes that faltered and fell, with blood ...
— Darkwater - Voices From Within The Veil • W. E. B. Du Bois

... birds came out of the water, and finding a pair of boots gone they were alarmed, and quickly forming into two long lines with their leader at the point where the lines met, they flew away crying, "Honk! Honk! Honk!" ...
— A Treasury of Eskimo Tales • Clara Kern Bayliss

... given a honk sounded at the door. Then a young doctor clad in white duck and carrying a ...
— The Young Engineers in Arizona - Laying Tracks on the Man-killer Quicksand • H. Irving Hancock

... that Goggles was to follow along with the goose-cart and honk-honk the quarters to us as he read 'em on his speed-clock. We were three miles nearer Albany when we quit, and Pinckney was leakin' ...
— Shorty McCabe • Sewell Ford

... head. But he was listening eagerly. He, too, knew that note of the migratory "honk" ...
— The Call of the Cumberlands • Charles Neville Buck

... and solemn long-nosed monkey of Borneo (Nasalis larvatus) utters in his native tree-top (overhanging water), a cry like the resonant "honk" of a saxophone. He says plainly, "Kee honk," and all that I could make of its meaning was that it is used as the equivalent of ...
— The Minds and Manners of Wild Animals • William T. Hornaday

... struck by her wings, and the floor of the lodge was covered with ashes. The fire was out, and in the centre of it lay the quill of a goose. Wesakchak picked it up, and saw that a little piece of birch bark was rolled inside. He pulled it out, and as he did so, he heard the honk-honk of a wild goose, and Nihka flew ...
— Thirty Indian Legends • Margaret Bemister

... they saw a flock of ducks going over, or heard the honk-honk of wild geese," she answered. "It does not take much to distract them from labor—and they have a soul ...
— The Black Creek Stopping-House • Nellie McClung

... beautiful strains on a mandolin for an hour, and she won't even look out of the window, but just one honk of a horn and—out ...
— More Toasts • Marion Dix Mosher

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