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Forswearing   Listen

The act of renouncing; sacrificing or giving up or surrendering (a possession or right or title or privilege etc.).  Synonyms: forgoing, renunciation.

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"Forswearing" Quotes from Famous Books

... good brother," he said, looking curiously into the wrinkled face. "Humbling thy pride to beg at every door, forswearing thine own good in every way that others may be fed, and yet thy face speaks of an inward joy. I pray thee tell me how thou hast ...
— The Little Colonel's Chum: Mary Ware • Annie Fellows Johnston

... spreads it, the glint of Freia's hair is still visible to Giant Fafnir, and the magic helmet must go on the heap to shut it out. Even then Fafnir's brother, Fasolt, can catch a beam from her eye through a chink, and is rendered incapable thereby of forswearing her. There is nothing to stop that chink but the ring; and Wotan is as greedily bent on keeping that as Alberic himself was; nor can the other gods persuade him that Freia is worth it, since for the highest god, love ...
— The Perfect Wagnerite - A Commentary on the Niblung's Ring • George Bernard Shaw

... a Rhodesian, and this was his confession of faith. The story of the lamp-posts was only a bluff put up to disguise the hook Africa had put in his heart, the hook by which she drags all those who love her back across the world, denying, reviling, forswearing her even unto seventy times seven, yet panting to be once more in her adored arms. All Rhodesians have this heart-wound, which opens and bleeds when they are away from their country, and only heals over in the ...
— Blue Aloes - Stories of South Africa • Cynthia Stockley

... honored Court, sworn to my confession, as I understand since; but then, at that time, was ignorant of it, not knowing what an oath did mean. The Lord, I hope, in whom I trust, out of the abundance of his mercy, will forgive me my false forswearing myself. What I said was altogether false against my grandfather and Mr. Burroughs, which I did to save my life, and to have my liberty: but the Lord, charging it to my conscience, made me in so much horror, that I could not contain myself before I had denied my confession, which ...
— Salem Witchcraft, Volumes I and II • Charles Upham

... so; partly to mark the movements of the English, an they make a movement, which, till Pembroke come, they are all too much amazed to do; partly to see if in truth that poltroon Duncan of Fife yet hangs back and still persists in forswearing the loyalty of his ancestors, and leaving to better hands the proud task of placing the crown of ...
— The Days of Bruce Vol 1 - A Story from Scottish History • Grace Aguilar

... her on the still summer days. From her Castle she would hear how the politicians were squabbling, lying, raising a man to divinity and stoning him next day, cutting each other's heads off, swearing and forswearing themselves, conspiring and caballing. Suave mari, and the peace of Loch Leven and the island hermitage would have been the sweeter for the din outside. A woman, a Queen, a Stuart, could not attain, and perhaps ought not to have attained, this epicureanism. ...
— Angling Sketches • Andrew Lang

... a burn I e'en must juist paidle in it," retorted Tony, deliberately forswearing herself. "So we'll ...
— The Best British Short Stories of 1922 • Edward J. O'Brien and John Cournos, editors

Words linked to "Forswearing" :   rejection, self-renunciation, self-denial, renunciation, giving up, denial, forgoing, abnegation, forswear, forsaking, self-abnegation

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