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Foreclose   /fɔrklˈoʊz/   Listen

(past & past part. foreclosed; pres. part. foreclosing)
Keep from happening or arising; make impossible.  Synonyms: forbid, forestall, preclude, prevent.  "Your role in the projects precludes your involvement in the competitive project"
Subject to foreclosing procedures; take away the right of mortgagors to redeem their mortgage.

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"Foreclose" Quotes from Famous Books

... do. I'm going to sell Pennington my Valley of the Giants. Thank God, that quarter-section does not belong to the Cardigan Redwood Lumber Company. It is my personal property, and it is not mortgaged. Pennington can never foreclose on it—and until he gets it, twenty-five hundred acres of virgin timber on Squaw Creek are valueless—nay, a source of expense to him. Bryce, he has to have it; and he'll pay the price, when he knows ...
— The Valley of the Giants • Peter B. Kyne

... recover the possession of the premises, though Job had voluntarily offered to give them up to him, and also an action of covenant for non-payment of the mortgage money, whilst at the same time he filed his bill in Chancery to foreclose the mortgage; which combined forces, legal and equitable, proved so awful a floorer to a sinking man, that, in order to get clear of them, he was glad at the very outset, not only to give up all claim to the property, but even to consent to pay L100 out of his own pocket for the ...
— Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 59, No. 365, March, 1846 • Various

... the black fellow, gruffly. Tom shrank back, but too late. He had left his little Bible at the bottom of his coat-pocket and his big Bible on the desk buried under the mortgage he was about to foreclose: never was sinner taken more unawares. The black man whisked him like a child into the saddle, gave the horse the lash, and away he galloped, with Tom on his back, in the midst of the thunder-storm. The clerks stuck their pens behind their ears, and stared after him from the windows. Away ...
— The Great English Short-Story Writers, Vol. 1 • Various

... considerations—no; but as long as we live upon earth, we shall live dependent upon money in some form or another. Our pecuniary embarrassments—you know all about them. I need not refer to the mortgagee, who, at any moment, may foreclose. Think of what it would be if this house were to be put up for sale, and we had all to return to our relations. How many are there who have relations who would take them in? And the lay sisters—what would become of them ...
— Sister Teresa • George Moore

... discipline; so much for us to do, that we hardly need more revelations just now;—they might overwhelm and disturb us in the pursuit of these appointed ends. Moreover, the gratification of this desire would foreclose that glorious anticipation, that trembling expectancy, which is so fraught with inspiration and delight,—the joy of the unknown, the bliss of the thought that there is a great ...
— The Crown of Thorns - A Token for the Sorrowing • E. H. Chapin

... with absorbent eyes. In Hilda's there was an instant of consideration before she said—"I might as well tell you—you won't misunderstand—that I AM sure. I expect things of myself. I hold a kind of mortgage on my success; when I foreclose it will come, bringing the long, steady, grasping chase of money and fame, eyes fixed, never a day to live in, only to accomplish, every moment straddled with calculation, an end to all the byways where one finds the colour of the sun. The successful London actress, my dear—what ...
— The Path of a Star • Mrs. Everard Cotes (AKA Sara Jeannette Duncan)

Words linked to "Foreclose" :   stymie, deflect, blockade, halt, obstruct, repossess, spoil, frustrate, avoid, block, head off, baffle, prevent, make unnecessary, fend off, forefend, hinder, save, foreclosure, stymy, stop, kibosh, forfend, reclaim, preclude, ward off, avert, bilk, queer, thwart, obviate, foil, scotch, embarrass, cross, stave off, debar, forestall

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