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Family Cruciferae   Listen
Family Cruciferae

A large family of plants with four-petaled flowers; includes mustards, cabbages, broccoli, turnips, cresses, and their many relatives.  Synonyms: Brassicaceae, Cruciferae, family Brassicaceae, mustard family.

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Words linked to "Family Cruciferae" :   genus Erysimum, genus Thlaspi, cress plant, Crambe, genus Descurainia, Subularia, watercress, crucifer, genus Arabis, genus Draba, genus Dentaria, Thysanocarpus, cruciferous plant, Cheiranthus, Eruca, genus Malcolmia, genus Pritzelago, Alliaria, genus Cakile, dilleniid dicot family, Vesicaria, Turritis, genus Lobularia, Raphanus, Stephanomeria, Papaverales, genus Lepidium, genus Raphanus, genus Nasturtium, Stanleya, genus Diplotaxis, Arabis, Cochlearia, genus Hesperis, Diplotaxis, genus Heliophila, genus Sinapis, Isatis, genus Lesquerella, genus Vesicaria, genus Biscutella, Malcolmia, genus Barbarea, genus Schizopetalon, Lesquerella, genus Stanleya, genus Armoracia, order Rhoeadales, Iberis, genus Thysanocarpus, genus Arabidopsis, genus Lunaria, Aethionema, genus Turritis, Thlaspi, Lepidium, Matthiola, genus Alliaria, Cakile, genus Cochlearia, Hesperis, genus Stephanomeria, false flax, genus Rorippa, Biscutella, genus Cheiranthus, Rorippa, Brassica, Dentaria, wasabi, genus Iberis, Berteroa, Arabidopsis, Sinapis, Rhoeadales, order Papaverales, Brassicaceae, Lobularia, Lunaria, genus Eruca, alyssum, mustard family, Descurainia, genus Cardamine, genus Isatis, Barbarea, genus Crambe, Cardamine, genus Brassica, genus Matthiola, Cruciferae, Physaria, genus Sisymbrium, nasturtium, genus Capsella, Pritzelago, genus Alyssum, Erysimum, genus Berteroa, Armoracia, genus Aethionema, Capsella, genus Subularia, Camelina, genus Physaria, family Brassicaceae, genus Camelina, cress

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