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Ease up   /iz əp/   Listen
Ease up

Move in order to make room for someone for something.  Synonyms: give, give way, move over, yield.  "'Move over,' he told the crowd"
Become less intense.  Synonyms: ease off, flag, slacken off.
Reduce pressure or intensity.  Synonyms: ease off, let up.

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"Ease up" Quotes from Famous Books

... who have been educated out of disease into health. Many of them are indiscreet, but they have learned to know the signs of approaching trouble and they ease up before anything serious overtakes them. In this way they save themselves and their families from much suffering, much anxiety and much expense. Every adult should know enough to remain well. Every one should ...
— Maintaining Health • R. L. Alsaker

... a very busy place for several hours that afternoon, and every one was working with a will for he realized that he must be finished before dusk came. By half past three, however, the scouts found that they could ease up a little for, with the arrival of one more load of colored lamps from headquarters, the tree would be thoroughly decorated even to the shining electrically illuminated star on top which Jiminy Gordon placed there with the help of an ...
— The Boy Scout Fire Fighters • Irving Crump

... A pullet run over us once—yes, I mean just that. She clawed the top of the widow's bunnit as we slid underneath her, and by the time she lit we was so fur away she wa'n't visible to the naked eye. Bradbury—who'd got better remarkable sudden—was pawin' at Jonadab's arm, tryin' to make him ease up; but he might as well have pawed the wind. As for Henrietta Bassett, she was acrost the back of the front seat tootin' the horn for all she was wuth. And curled down in a heap on the cockpit floor was a fleshy, sea-farin' person by the name of Barzilla ...
— The Depot Master • Joseph C. Lincoln

... not draw rein till the light-coloured houses of the town were well within sight, and then he was too much excited to do more than ease up into a canter, for his nerves were all on the strain, his cheeks sunken, and his eyes starting ...
— The Silver Canyon - A Tale of the Western Plains • George Manville Fenn

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