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Draw close   /drɔ kloʊs/   Listen
Draw close

Move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position.  Synonyms: cuddle, nest, nestle, nuzzle, snuggle.  "The children snuggled into their sleeping bags"
Move towards.  Synonyms: approach, come near, come on, draw near, go up, near.  "They are drawing near" , "The enemy army came nearer and nearer"
Pull towards oneself.

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"Draw close" Quotes from Famous Books

... trembled and shook; the scorched shadows flung themselves into the woods in fright. The round face of Ignaty with its inflated cheeks shone over the fire. The flames died down, and the air began to smell of smoke. Again the trees seemed to draw close and unite with the mist on the glade, listening in strained attention to the hoarse words ...
— Mother • Maxim Gorky

... me, and will take me away?' Her face seemed to reflect the peace of this man, against whom she might draw close ...
— The Son of the Wolf • Jack London

... Eugenio and Flirtilla twirling round in a pretty waltz, or Lucinda and Ardentio pulling a cracker. Burn your little fingers, children! Blaze out little kindly flames from each other's eyes! And then draw close together and read the motto (that old namby-pamby motto, so stale and so new!)—I say, let her lips read it, and his construe it; and so divide the sweetmeat, young people, and crunch it between you. I have no teeth. Bitter almonds and sugar disagree with me, I tell you; but, for all that, ...
— The Virginians • William Makepeace Thackeray

... our absurd scruples are made clear to the assembled company, who reluctantly depart, defrauded of their fun, and draw close the sliding screen. ...
— Round the Wonderful World • G. E. Mitton

... white strip of road that led eastward to the enemy trenches. Once, fifteen mouse-colored uniforms had made a sortie down the road and toward the house, but the eye at the window had sighted them, and let them draw close till the aim was very sure. Since then, there had been no one coming down the road. But a watcher, turn by turn, was always waiting. The Commandant liked the post, for it was the key to the safety of Pervyse. He felt he was guarding the three women, when ...
— Young Hilda at the Wars • Arthur Gleason

... to draw close to their father in gratitude, and home breathed a kinder, freer air than ever had been known before. Between Esther and her father particularly a kind of comradeship began to spring up, which perhaps more than ever made ...
— Young Lives • Richard Le Gallienne

... His loving identification of Himself with men's pains and sins will fashion our lives; and the word which He spoke with authority and assured confidence will be strong when we speak it with like calm certainty of victory. If the Church of Christ will but draw close to her Lord till the fulness of His life and the gentleness of His pity flow into her heart and limbs, she will then be able to breathe the life which she has received into the prostrate bulk of a dead world. Only she must do as the meekest of the prophets did in a like miracle. ...
— Expositions of Holy Scripture - St. Mark • Alexander Maclaren

... Jim's child had taken his place; the purity and sweetness of the child's love filled Julia's heart; she wanted only Anna, and Anna was her interpreter for all the relationships of life. Anna first made her draw close to her own mother; Anna was at once her spur and her reward during the first hard ...
— The Story Of Julia Page - Works of Kathleen Norris, Volume V. • Kathleen Norris

Words linked to "Draw close" :   bear down upon, bear down on, cling to, drive up, crowd, advance, cuddle, edge in, come, close, move on, progress, pull, clutch, pass on, edge up, go on, hold close, march on, push, nestle, hold tight, come up

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