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Draw a bead on   /drɔ ə bid ɑn/   Listen
Draw a bead on

Aim with a gun.
Have an ambitious plan or a lofty goal.  Synonyms: aim, aspire, shoot for.

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"Draw a bead on" Quotes from Famous Books

... that his friend was coming back, but, glancing toward the point where he expected him to appear, he was amazed to see the third native, who whisked off before Long could draw a bead on him, step from the wood not twenty paces away. His back was toward the Professor, and, strangely enough, he did not observe the white man—an oversight that never could have occurred, but for the tumult in the undergrowth which ...
— The Land of Mystery • Edward S. Ellis

... Harry. "It's one thing to fire at the mass of the enemy, and it's another to pick out a man and draw a bead on him." ...
— The Star of Gettysburg - A Story of Southern High Tide • Joseph A. Altsheler

... what a train robber Teddy would have made, if he had turned his talents in that direction, instead of wasting his strenuousness in politics," said the leader of the gang. "I would give a thousand dollars to see him draw a bead on the engineer of a fast mail, and make him get down and do the dynamite act, and then load up the saddle bags and pull out for the Hole-in-the- Wall. That man has wasted his opportunities, and instead of being at the head of a gang of robbers, with all the world at his ...
— Peck's Bad Boy With the Cowboys • Hon. Geo. W. Peck

... two wounded in almost as many seconds, although all kept close as possible behind the shelter of the portal columns. And every second he was so engaged, at least a hundred guns, aimed by cruel trained eyes, that scarce ever before had missed whatever they sought to draw a bead on, were pouring out upon him a hell of lead that must have sounded to him ...
— The Red-Blooded Heroes of the Frontier • Edgar Beecher Bronson

... Ned, sending his sombrero spinning high in the air, hoping thereby to take Stacy so much by surprise that he would be unable to draw a bead on it. ...
— The Pony Rider Boys in the Rockies • Frank Gee Patchin

... looking at a rainbow, like a damned silly fool instead of keeping your wits about you; and we stole up on you and had you tight before you could draw a bead on us. ...
— The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet • George Bernard Shaw

... company for ye, in case ye hev to draw a bead on the—any one—just temp'ry like. Our horses is hobbled in Bates's clearing. Take my old sorrel if ye can catch him.' He stopped for a second and put his hand in a listening fashion. His hunter's ear was quicker ...
— Robbery Under Arms • Thomas Alexander Browne, AKA Rolf Boldrewood

... thinking how much pleasanter it was for my friend the Captain to address him with unanswerable arguments and crushing statements in his own tent than it would be to meet him upon some remote picket station and offer his fair proportions to the quick eye of a youngster who would draw a bead on him before he had time to ...
— Pages From an Old Volume of Life - A Collection Of Essays • Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

... up when a loud yell from those behind startled me. Glancing to my left I saw a guard cocking his gun and bringing it up to shoot me. With one frightened spring, as quick as a flash, and before he could cover me, I landed fully a rod back in the crowd, and mixed with it. The fellow tried hard to draw a bead on me, but I was too quick for him, and he finally lowered his gun with an oath expressive of disappointment in not being able ...
— Andersonville, complete • John McElroy

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