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Disruption   /dɪsrˈəpʃən/   Listen

An act of delaying or interrupting the continuity.  Synonyms: break, gap, interruption.  "There was a gap in his account"
A disorderly outburst or tumult.  Synonyms: commotion, disturbance, flutter, hoo-ha, hoo-hah, hurly burly, kerfuffle, to-do.
An event that results in a displacement or discontinuity.  Synonym: dislocation.
The act of causing disorder.  Synonym: perturbation.

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"Disruption" Quotes from Famous Books

... composed a number of Laudi, or hymns of praise, to be sung after sermon time, which have given him an accidental prominence in musical history, since their performance in St. Filippo's Oratory eventually gave rise (on the disruption of 16th century schools of composition) to those early forms of "oratorio" that are not traceable to the Gregorian-polyphonic "Passions." St. Filippo admired Animuccia so warmly that he declared he ...
— Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Part 1, Slice 1 • Various

... the tea-party fell into complete disruption. Maggie, although she did not look, could feel Martin's anger like a flame beside her. She was aware that Aunt Anne and Mr. Warlock were, like some beings from another world, distant from the general confusion. Her one passionate desire was ...
— The Captives • Hugh Walpole

... separate Parliaments under the same Crown seems the most hopeless, at least if government is to remain parliamentary; it may be safely said that the normal relation between the two Parliaments would be collision, and collision on a question of peace or war would be disruption. But an independent Ireland might be a feasible as well as natural object of Irish aspiration if it were not for the strength, moral as well as numerical, of the two intrusive elements. How could the Catholic majority be ...
— Lectures and Essays • Goldwin Smith

... sporadically, but there were no other signs of disruption, and gradually the two men, with frequent duckings, worked inshore. The water was streaming from them and they were shivering severely as they came up ...
— A Daughter of the Snows • Jack London

... Uig, Lewis (representative of the Munroes of Erribol, Sutherlandshire), with issue - (2) John Munro Mackenzie of Mornish, Mull, who, born in 1819, married in 1846, Eliza, eldest daughter of the late Patrick Chalmers, Wishaw, brother of the celebrated Dr Thomas Chalmers of the Disruption, with issue - (a) John Hugh Munro, who, on the 23rd of June, 1875, married Jeanie Helen, second daughter of Thomas Chalmers, Longcroft, Linlithgowshire, with issue - John Munro; Thomas Chalmers; Hugh Munro; Kenneth; Jean Elizabeth; Christina Marion; and Kathlene Harriet. ...
— History Of The Mackenzies • Alexander Mackenzie

... passage in an early Father, an ancient heresy restudied, and off to Rome goes a Newman or a Manning, whilst a Baptist Noel finds his less romantic refuge in Protestant Dissent. Schism is for ever in the air. Disruption a lively possibility. It has always been a ticklish business belonging to the Church of England, unless you can muster up enough courage to be a frank Erastian, and on the rare occasions when you attend your parish church handle the Book of Common Prayer with all the reverence due to a schedule to ...
— In the Name of the Bodleian and Other Essays • Augustine Birrell

... grow to you, and our parting is a tortur'd body] I read thus, Our parting is the parting of a tortured body. Our parting is as the disruption of limbs torn from each other. Repetition of a word is often the cause of mistakes, the eye glances on the wrong word, and the intermediate part of ...
— Johnson's Notes to Shakespeare Vol. I Comedies • Samuel Johnson

... of the Earth involves its contraction. Hence the solid crust first formed is presently too large for the shrinking nucleus; and as it cannot support itself, inevitably follows the nucleus. But a spheroidal envelope cannot sink down into contact with a smaller internal spheroid, without disruption; it must run into wrinkles as the rind of an apple does when the bulk of its interior decreases from evaporation. As the cooling progresses and the envelope thickens, the ridges consequent on these contractions must become greater, rising ultimately ...
— Essays on Education and Kindred Subjects - Everyman's Library • Herbert Spencer

... voice, so that he was compelled to sit down. Lord Sheffield now rose and moved, "That dissertations on the French constitution, and to read a narrative of transactions in France, are not regular or orderly on the question before the house." Fox seconded this motion, and this gave rise to the utter disruption of the friendship which had subsisted between him and Burke:—there had been heart-burnings before, arising from a difference of opinion on the subject of the French revolution, but now their political union was brought to a close. After Pitt had defended Burke, and ...
— The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.III. - From George III. to Victoria • E. Farr and E. H. Nolan

... Germany when Fichte addressed his countrymen is true of America in this hour. All the physical and spiritual pressures of the European disruption are turned upon the temple of America to drive out the money-changers and make it the house ...
— Red Fleece • Will Levington Comfort

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