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Cut back   /kət bæk/   Listen
Cut back

Return in time.  Synonym: flash back.
Cut down on; make a reduction in.  Synonyms: bring down, cut, cut down, reduce, trim, trim back, trim down.  "The employer wants to cut back health benefits"
Cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of.  Synonyms: clip, crop, dress, lop, prune, snip, trim.
Place restrictions on.  Synonyms: curb, curtail, restrict.

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"Cut back" Quotes from Famous Books

... that low-cut back, will you! And white hair, too. I wouldn't live in this town if you gave it to me! Sixty cents for string beans the menu read to-night. I can buy a bushel at home for that. If I had been alone I know what I would have done. Walked out. It's only ...
— Star-Dust • Fannie Hurst

... Ordinarily, however, the season of profitable growth is not more than, say, 6 to 12 years when grown on upland soils. The meadows usually become more or less weedy or possessed by various grasses, and some of the plants die. The plants at first send up a single stem. When this matures or is cut back the uncut portion of the stem dies down to the crown of the plant, which then sends out other stems. This is repeated as often as the stems are cut down until many stems grow up from one plant as indicated ...
— Clovers and How to Grow Them • Thomas Shaw

... it well up into the mud. Then he lifted the priest out and staggered into the thick brush, where he threw his burden heavily upon the ground. Leaving his prisoner for a moment, he seized his machete and began to cut back into the brush. A grunt of satisfaction came from his lips. Returning to the now conscious Diego, he grasped the rope which bound him and dragged him along the newly opened trail into a little clearing which lay ...
— Carmen Ariza • Charles Francis Stocking

... tributary of the Dvina is no more than a rivulet at the coaching inn of Siwotschina, where it is crossed by the main road to St.Petersburg and where, as there is no bridge, the Russian government has instead cut back the steep banks between which the stream runs to make a gently sloping approach and has paved its bed to the same width as the road, thus creating a passable ford. To the right and left of the ford, however, troops and vehicles cannot cross, because of ...
— The Memoirs of General the Baron de Marbot, Translated by - Oliver C. Colt • Baron de Marbot

... style, and had but just completed it when the Revolution broke out "and the flood came and swept them all away." In the court behind this modern structure is to be seen the cliff perforated with caves; it has, however, been cut back to the detriment of these, so that we have them shorn of their faces. Nevertheless they are interesting. The old monolithic chapel of the monastery remains, turned into a pigeonry, and with the steps left that gave access to the ...
— Castles and Cave Dwellings of Europe • Sabine Baring-Gould

... gaining triple use of the soil in this way. Besides, the cultivation of the earth in proximity to the walnuts proves of great benefit to the trees. Before trees are planted the tap-root should be trimmed or cut back and most if not all the lateral branches trimmed from the tree. The tree itself should not be cut back as is customary with either fruit trees, but by leaving the terminal bud intact, a much better shaped tree is developed. It is not ...
— English Walnuts - What You Need to Know about Planting, Cultivating and - Harvesting This Most Delicious of Nuts • Various

... top of the stairs. "Come up," she said in a hesitating, sullen voice. He mounted without reply. As he had expected Daniel Culser was present, and rose to greet him negligently, from a lounging attitude on the sofa. His coat, cut back to the knees, was relentlessly tapered, the collar enormously rolled and revered, and a white Marseilles waistcoat bore black spots as large as a Bolivian half dollar; while a black scarf, it was called the Du Casses, fell in an avalanche ...
— The Three Black Pennys - A Novel • Joseph Hergesheimer

Words linked to "Cut back" :   thin, knock off, detract, immobilise, shear, restrict, pollard, immobilize, pinch, top, lop, limit, trim down, shave, trim back, retrench, minify, abridge, lessen, return, quench, deflate, dress, take away, crop, cut down, disbud, poll, confine, snip, thin out, inflate, trim, cutback, shorten, downsize, decrease, subtract, circumscribe, spill, slash

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