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Curative   /kjˈʊrətɪv/   Listen

Tending to cure or restore to health.  Synonyms: alterative, healing, remedial, sanative, therapeutic.  "Her gentle healing hand" , "Remedial surgery" , "A sanative environment of mountains and fresh air" , "A therapeutic agent" , "Therapeutic diets"

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"Curative" Quotes from Famous Books

... unimportant role in the history of folk-medicine. Among certain primitive peoples the healing art descends by inheritance, and in various parts of the world unbaptized children, illegitimate children, and children born out of due time and season, or deformed in some way, have been credited with special curative powers, or looked ...
— The Child and Childhood in Folk-Thought • Alexander F. Chamberlain

... taken up during his stay at Woodbridge, the neighbourhood of which had a Flora differing from that of the bleak coast country of Aldeburgh, and it was now pursued with the same zeal at home. Herbs then played a larger part than to-day among curative agents of the village doctor, and the fact that Crabbe sought and obtained them so readily was even pleaded by his poorer patients as reason why his fees need not be calculated on any large scale. But this absorbing pursuit did far more than serve to furnish Crabbe's outfit as a healer. It was ...
— Crabbe, (George) - English Men of Letters Series • Alfred Ainger

... circling this planet that they shall deliver themselves safely into our hands, in order that we may begin converting them to peaceful purposes for the trade that is to come. In turn, we pledge that all efforts will be made to ensure a prompt delivery of those products most in demand, including the curative bracky plant." ...
— Badge of Infamy • Lester del Rey

... very good plan to find out the medicinal and curative properties of the different fruits and to make the fruit your system requires a part of ...
— Armour's Monthly Cook Book, Volume 2, No. 12, October 1913 - A Monthly Magazine of Household Interest • Various

... be most useful to the scientific inquirer, and to the progress of truth; and it is therefore that I am desirous of calling the attention of your correspondents to the subject. As a general rule, it will be found that the diseases in which charms have obtained most fame as curative are those of long duration, not dangerous, yet not at all, or very slightly, benefited by ordinary medicines. In such cases, of course, there is not room for the display of an imaginary agency:—"For," as Crabbe says,—and I hope your medical ...
— Notes & Queries, No. 27. Saturday, May 4, 1850 • Various

... occurs in tea and coffee. Whilst in the quantities in which they are present in cocoa (about 1.5 per cent. of theobromine and 0.6 per cent. of caffein) they act only as agreeable stimulants, in the pure condition, as white crystalline powders, they are powerful curative agents. Caffein is well known as a specific for nervous headaches, and as a heart stimulant and diuretic. Theobromine is similar in action, but has the advantage for certain cases, that it has much less effect on the central ...
— Cocoa and Chocolate - Their History from Plantation to Consumer • Arthur W. Knapp

... I did not expect, considering that before going there I had had long conversations with eminent specialists in nervous diseases. I saw cures which would be called extraordinary by such as ignore the curative power of faith in hysteric complaints and its derivatives. But I did not see limbs straightened or replaced, nor has any monk or priest showed me or even ...
— The Idler Magazine, Volume III, June 1893 - An Illustrated Monthly • Various

... de Campagne," and Balzac appears to have had complete faith in him, and to have been much impressed by his dictum, that French physicians, though the first in the world for diagnosis, were quite ignorant of curative methods. Balzac's passion at this time for everything Russian, must have been peculiarly trying to his family. It surely seemed to them madness that he should separate himself from his country, should gradually see ...
— Honore de Balzac, His Life and Writings • Mary F. Sandars

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