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Cinch   /sɪntʃ/   Listen

(past & past part. cinched; pres. part. cinching)
Tie a cinch around.  Synonym: girth.
Make sure of.
Get a grip on; get mastery of.

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"Cinch" Quotes from Famous Books

... a cinch," said Hal—"being the sheriff, and having the naming of so many deputies as they ...
— King Coal - A Novel • Upton Sinclair

... Amos Totten set up the cinch of his sword-belt by a couple of holes and began another tour of inspection of the State House. He considered that the parlous situation in state affairs demanded full dress. During the evening he had been going on ...
— All-Wool Morrison • Holman Day

... out just how things stand between them. The old lady doesn't know anything, that's a cinch. If she really knew she would have let it out to me. I'll never get a better chance to pump her than I had today. She doesn't know. You can see she hopes her son will get her. That's as plain as the nose on your face. But she doesn't ...
— Quill's Window • George Barr McCutcheon

... was defending a man charged by his wife with desertion. For a time it looked as tho it were a cinch for the prosecution, but at the psychological moment the attorney called the defendant to the stand. "Take off that bandage," he cried, and the man did it, exposing a black eye. "Your honor," said the attorney, "our defense is that this man is not a ...
— More Toasts • Marion Dix Mosher

... proves my argyment about how simple it is to make good here? From the way he's dressed—them, now, diamonds and so forth—he's probably a big feller in his line. Makin' plenty of money and looked on as a success by the ig'rant. Yet he lets a big order get away from him when it was practically a cinch ...
— Alex the Great • H. C. Witwer

... knew in advance just what the pitcher was going to deliver—whether a curve or a straight one, why that batter would have a cinch, so to speak. You may be the best twirler in the league, but you couldn't win your games if the batters knew what you were going to hand them—that is, ...
— Baseball Joe in the Big League - or, A Young Pitcher's Hardest Struggles • Lester Chadwick

... could be monopolized and hold the trust up; but our raw material is perfectly safe—farms growing smaller, farms isolated, and we fixing the price. It's a cinch." ...
— The Quest of the Silver Fleece - A Novel • W. E. B. Du Bois

... a sound very like a cough, and Patty glanced sharply at the cowpuncher, but his back was toward her, and he was busy with his cinch. "Tough luck," he remarked, as he adjusted the latigo strap. "An', you say, yer dad told you all about ...
— The Gold Girl • James B. Hendryx

... to-day to Morrow, it's a cinch you'll land To-morrow into Morrow, not to-day, you understand. For the train to-day to Morrow, if the schedule is right, Will get you into Morrow by about to-morrow night." Said I, "I guess you know it all, but kindly let me say, How can I go to Morrow, if ...
— Poems Teachers Ask For • Various

... feel cheap to come kickin' about that fight. My friend fought fair. You know best whether your friends did. He took 'em at odds of two to one, an' at that one of your gunmen hunted cover. What's troublin you, anyhow? Didn't you have all the breaks? Do you want an open an' shut cinch?" ...
— A Man Four-Square • William MacLeod Raine

... the snow was gone Mlle. Zaretti had discarded the derrick-arm. Urging Calico to his best speed she would grasp the cinch handles and with one light bound land on his well-resined back. Then, as he circled around in an even, rythmical lope, she would jump the banners and dive through the hoops. It was more or less fun for Calico, but it all seemed so utterly useless. There were no crowds to ...
— Horses Nine - Stories of Harness and Saddle • Sewell Ford

... he demanded. "New York grabs a cinch. The cinch has been kicking around loose for fifty years. New York pats herself on the pink bald spot. 'Nothing gets by ...
— Five Thousand an Hour - How Johnny Gamble Won the Heiress • George Randolph Chester

... went, but there wasn't time. You see, I had to pinch that guy's horse to go, and I knew it was just a chance if we could get back, anyway; but I had to take it. You see, if I could 'a' gone right to the cabin it would have been a dead cinch, but I had to ride to camp for the men, and then, taking the short trail across, it was some ...
— A Voice in the Wilderness • Grace Livingston Hill

... his taking off lay easy to my hand. I'd studied the situation through that skylight, seen Ed Hughes juggle the bolts with his magnets, and mapped the thing out. Gilbert killed there, the room found bolted, was a cinch for suicide. When the reception at the Thornhill house was over, I made an excuse of something needed for the journey, and started across to my bungalow. It was common for all of us to cross through the lawns; ...
— The Million-Dollar Suitcase • Alice MacGowan

... to do? All we can do is put on an extra feature durin' the week, to try and buck him that way—and it won't pay to do it. He's got a cinch. He's got a graft. And all the rest of us ...
— Rope • Holworthy Hall

... Jack, pointing to the dusty plain, "there's no wind, so we can follow the tracks. It's a cinch." ...
— The Rogue Elephant - The Boys' Big Game Series • Elliott Whitney

... mean the peroxid blonde! She ain't no lady. Well, it wa'n't her, that's a cinch; she was down yere to breakfast, a laughin' an' gigglin' with them two men 'bout an hour ago. They seemed ter feel mighty good over something but I couldn't quite make out just what the joke was. Say, did yer ever hear tell of a ...
— The Strange Case of Cavendish • Randall Parrish

... Lily! Last I saw of her, Peter was holding her under her arms, and she was shoving her feet before her trying to lift them up a little. We've most rubbed them off her with fine sand, and then stuck them in cold water, and then sanded them again, and they're not the same feet—that's a cinch!" ...
— Michael O'Halloran • Gene Stratton-Porter

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