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Able to refract light without spectral color separation.
Based on a scale consisting of 12 semitones.
Being or having or characterized by hue.

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"Chromatic" Quotes from Famous Books

... illustrated by engravings: a manual, said to combine much valuable information on the subjects, derived from the most authentic sources, by Mr. Robert MacFarlane, editor of the Scientific American; and Mr. Ridner's Artist's Chromatic Hand-Book, or Manual of Colors, will also be speedily issued by the same publisher. Mr. Putnam's own production, The World's Progress, or Dictionary of Dates, containing a comprehensive manual of reference in facts, or epitome of historical and general statistical ...
— The International Weekly Miscellany, Volume I. No. 8 - Of Literature, Art, and Science, August 19, 1850 • Various

... of a piece of gossip, Sophia was interjecting exclamations of moderation and reproach, and Mrs. Sales was manifestly amused. Her chromatic giggle was as punctual as Sophia's reproof, and Rose drew closer to the group made by the three, and said, 'I'm missing Caroline's story. Which one is it?' And now it ...

... the chromatic tints of these waters, a hollow pasteboard cylinder, five or six centimeters in diameter, and sixty or seventy centimeters in length, was sometimes employed for the purpose of excluding the surface reflection and the disturbances ...
— The Lake of the Sky • George Wharton James

... boxes, and galleries began clapping and shouting with all their might, and the man stopped and began smiling and bowing to all sides. Then other men and women danced with bare legs. Then the king again shouted to the sound of music, and they all began singing. But suddenly a storm came on, chromatic scales and diminished sevenths were heard in the orchestra, everyone ran off, again dragging one of their number away, and the curtain dropped. Once more there was a terrible noise and clatter among the audience, and with rapturous faces everyone began shouting: "Duport! Duport! Duport!" Natasha ...
— War and Peace • Leo Tolstoy

... owe the extension of chords, struck together in arpeggio, or en batterie; the chromatic sinuosities of which his pages offer such striking examples; the little groups of superadded notes, falling like light drops of pearly dew upon the melodic figure. This species of adornment had hitherto been modeled only upon the Fioritures of the great ...
— Life of Chopin • Franz Liszt

... tables were the most heterogeneous collection of people that Audrey had ever seen; men and women, girls and old men, even a few children with their mothers. Liquids were of every colour, ices chromatic, and the scarlet of lobster made a luscious contrast with the shaded tints of salads. In the extreme background men were playing billiards at three tables. Though nearly everybody was talking, no one talked loudly, so that the resulting monotone of conversation was a gentle ...
— The Lion's Share • E. Arnold Bennett

... lay awake and tried to get to sleep the silence seemed unnaturally profound. The tick of the big clock down in the hall struck on the ear with almost a thud, and the light breeze outside moaned among the ventilators and played chromatic scales through the keyhole in a fashion quite disturbing. I wished that wind would shut up, and that the clock would run down. How was a fellow to get to sleep with such a ...
— Boycotted - And Other Stories • Talbot Baines Reed

... time was desperately short. It was now one o'clock on Tuesday morning. About nine Cyrus would perform his sacred duty of crushing his darling Peggy by telling her that she must stay in Eastridge. At ten o'clock on Saturday the Chromatic would sail with Charles Edward and Lorraine and Stillman Dane. Yet there were two things that I was sure of: one was that Peggy ought to go with them, and the other was that it would be good for her to—but on second thought I prefer to keep the other thing for the end of my story. ...
— The Whole Family - A Novel by Twelve Authors • William Dean Howells, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Mary Heaton Vorse, Mary Stewart Cutting, Elizabeth Jo

... congregation. The tenor's voice (it belonged to one of the men from the factory, who was in the last stages of consumption) rose high above the rest, and without the slightest restraint trilled out long chromatic flat minor notes; they were terrible these notes! but to stop them would have meant the whole concert going to pieces. ... However, the thing went off without any mishap. Father Kiprian, a priest of the most patriarchal appearance, dressed ...
— Virgin Soil • Ivan S. Turgenev

... man's degeneration or fall, on your Earth, he has lost all receptibility to the more refined vibratory tones of the chromatic scale. ...
— The Planet Mars and its Inhabitants - A Psychic Revelation • Eros Urides and J. L. Kennon

... acute, perhaps more so than in ordinary individuals, and in this the criminal resembles the savage. Chromatic sensibility, on the contrary, is decidedly defective, the percentage of colour-blindness being twice that of normal persons. The field of vision is frequently limited by the white and exhibits much ...
— Criminal Man - According to the Classification of Cesare Lombroso • Gina Lombroso-Ferrero

... tail wagging. Up the steep ascent of the orchard a rocky trail ran, bordered by a rail fence. From the point of the hill one could see the adjoining country unrolled like a map, olive heights melting into emerald valleys, bare clearings into luxuriant crops, running a chromatic scale from the dry old battlefields surrounding Kingsborough to the arable "bottoms" beside ...
— The Voice of the People • Ellen Glasgow

... billows. From some melodious swain came a freakish fiddling, which leaped and danced like mad, now here, now there, like an audible will-o'-the-wisp. A dolorous whistle chimed harmonies, and with regular sibilation came to time, quavering out the chromatic moments of this nasal hour. High over all floated a faint whisper,—a song-cloud rising from the dream-mist of a peaceful breast,—a revelation timidly exhaled to the disembodied spirits of the air. Its hazy lullaby breathed down as from distant heights, and murmured of ...
— The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 85, November, 1864 • Various

... began playing chromatic scales. From chromatic scales he passed to broken chords. Then he listened again for three or four minutes. Hearing nothing more he went to open the door, and perceived Benedetto, who fell upon ...
— The Saint • Antonio Fogazzaro

Words linked to "Chromatic" :   pinkish-purple, bronze, mousey, rusty-brown, grayish-green, brownish, ocher, taupe, ruby-red, tawny-brown, pinkish, bluish, mauve-blue, blackish-brown, golden, purple-tinged, blue-lilac, rusty, brown-purple, flame-orange, ruddy, mahogany-red, silver-blue, red, colorful, sea-green, violet-blue, dun, tan, bright-red, rosy, grayish-blue, caramel brown, tannish, pinkish-orange, chartreuse, gilt, scarlet-crimson, peachy-colored, mouselike, yellow-tinged, blackish-red, crimson-yellow, reddish, carmine, pink-orange, gold, orange, cyan, reddish-brown, lilac-purple, rosy-purple, mauve-pink, mouse-colored, coloured, diatonic, scarlet-pink, ruby, purple-lilac, yellowish, crimson-magenta, purple-tinted, purple-green, mousy, purplish-red, roseate, vermillion, amethyst, canary-yellow, chukker-brown, hue, chestnut, mauve, green, chromatic colour, crimson, purple-red, umber, caramel, gray-pink, khaki, cresson, red-brown, brownish-green, rusty-red, cherry-red, olive-drab, gilded, red-violet, amber, violet, orange-red, gray-brown, azure, bluish green, russet, tangerine, beige, moss green, rose-mauve, red-orange, brownish-orange, hazel, sulfur-yellow, olive, yellow-orange, purplish-lilac, teal, silver-green, chestnut-brown, mummy-brown, salmon, pink-lavender, yellowish-beige, magenta, drab, dark-brown, cherry, sky-blue, mosstone, maroon-purple, greyish-blue, watercress, light-blue, chromatic color, purple-brown, crimson-purple, gray-green, blue-green, canary, yellow-green, fuscous, red-lavender, rust-brown, coral, purple-blue, rose-red, grayish-brown, greyish-pink, cerise, bottle-green, lilac-colored, silvery-green, purplish-green, colored, carnation, ultramarine, blushful, powder blue, rust, honey, golden-yellow, magenta pink, violet-pink, blueish, pink-red, raspberry-red, orangish-red, purplish-brown, reddish-violet, sapphire, snuff, tawny, reddish-orange, jade, bronze-red, auburn, greenish-brown, buff-brown, deep-pink, purplish-blue, achromatic, sage, greyish-brown, rose-purple, grey-green, yellow-beige, cinnabar, bluish-purple, rosaceous, orangish, blue, chroma, maroon, grey-blue, white-pink, peacock-blue, vinaceous, orange-brown, greyish-green, powdery-blue, brownish-purple, pink, snuff-brown, dull-purple, Chinese-red, sorrel, brownish-yellow, xanthous, vermilion, ochre, grey-pink, rose-lavender, buff, yellow, dark-blue, pea-green, lilac-blue, brown, silvery-blue, pinkish-lavender, reddisn-purple, rose-tinged, reddish-lavender, earthlike, creamy-yellow, stone, blae, peachy-coloured, straw, brown-green, grayish-pink, lavender-tinged, cerulean, creamy, lavender-pink, rose-lilac, amber-green, copper colored, bright blue, rust-red, deep-yellow, color, dark-green, grey-brown, violet-tinged, aureate, bluish-violet, pink-tinged, olive-brown, golden-brown, chocolate-brown, sulphur-yellow, coppery, cress green, light-green, purple, avocado, purplish, bronzy, music, rose, bluish-lilac, blue-purple, scarlet, reddish-pink, blood-red, jade-green, sage-green, golden-green, gray-blue, greenish, lilac, blue-violet, yellow-brown, pink-purple, brownish-red, peachy, pale blue, lavender, violet-tinted, rose-tinted, hazel-brown, wine-red, lilac-pink, yellowish-orange, red-purple, coral-red

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