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Carry over   /kˈæri ˈoʊvər/   Listen
Carry over

Transfer or persist from one stage or sphere of activity to another.
Transport from one place or state to another.
Hold over goods to be sold for the next season.  Synonym: hold over.
Transfer from one time period to the next.  Synonym: carry forward.

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"Carry over" Quotes from Famous Books

... of my best spiels from the funniest places! That one this morning is a wonder, because it don't listen like a spiel. I followed that evangelist yap around for a week getting his dope down fine. You got to get the language just right on these things, or they don't carry over." ...
— The Rules of the Game • Stewart Edward White

... Intelligencer it was impossible to dramatize the event; even the rewritemen were baffled, for under the enormous head SALT SOWN they could not find enough copy to carry over ...
— Greener Than You Think • Ward Moore

... Plantations, Towns or Villages, all Kinds of Cloathing, Provision of Victuals, Ammunition, and Implements, necessary for such Purpose, paying the Duties and Customs for the same, as also to transport and carry over such Number of Men being willing thereunto, or not prohibited, as they shall think fit, and also to govern them in such legal and reasonable Manner as the said Governor and Company shall think best, and to inflict Punishment for ...
— Charter and supplemental charter of the Hudson's Bay Company • Hudson's Bay Company

... I add 1 c.c. of the diluted liquor, etc. from the cylinder, and mix thoroughly. To capsule II add 1 c.c. of dilution in capsule I and mix thoroughly. Carry over 1 c.c. of fluid from capsule II to capsule III, afterwards adding 1 c.c. of fluid from capsule III ...
— The Elements of Bacteriological Technique • John William Henry Eyre

... work well. There are three types in use—the heavy commercial cars, the middleweight lorries, which carry over a couple of tons, and the lightweights, taking about one and a half tons. These lorries form an army service. Each army park has a group of lorries for each army corps forming part of the army, and each group has two sections for each division. The motor cars of the commanders ...
— The Story of the Great War, Volume V (of 8) • Francis J. (Francis Joseph) Reynolds, Allen L. (Allen Leon)

... courage, and showed us that we had not been deceived in what was told us of the inclinations of the King's army. Yet, on the other hand, those who studied to support the King's spirit by flatteries, told him that in this he saw that he might trust his army, since those who intended to carry over those regiments were forced to manage it with so much artifice, and dared not discover their design either to officers or soldiers, and that as soon as they perceived it the greater part of them had turned back. The King wanted support; for his spirits ...
— The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 12 • Editor-In-Chief Rossiter Johnson

... tasks of intellect, but that love is rewarded with pride; its moral achievements awaken her admiration; its spiritual victories arouse her gratitude, and in admiration and gratitude, love has compensation; but none of these emotions so carry over her soul into fellowship with the soul of that dear one, none bring her into a touch so close, or give such gentleness to the fingers, such softness and tenderness to the voice as does pity, "when pain and sickness ...
— The Message and the Man: - Some Essentials of Effective Preaching • J. Dodd Jackson

... the return and recovered might of Theodoric. Then, fearing his resentment, he betook himself to a certain island, and having made an image of Theodoric, laid a strict charge upon the boatman who ferried passengers across that he should carry over none who was like that image. Theodoric, hearing that Witig yet lived in Denmark, went thither, and, having disfigured himself so that the boatman did not recognise him, found Witig (whose sword Mimung he had hidden away), and challenged him to single ...
— Theodoric the Goth - Barbarian Champion of Civilisation • Thomas Hodgkin

... before or since, and for which one might put in the plea that Charles Lamb made for the dramatists of the Restoration. Its world is only a pleasing fiction, and the ordinary rules of morality do not carry over into it. It is the East of Suez of literature, "where there ain't no Ten Commandments, and a man may raise a thirst." The real Bohemia, as Jules Valdes showed in "Refractaires," is a world of misery and discontent. Still more sordid is the English Bohemia expounded ...
— Without Prejudice • Israel Zangwill

... too, both their justification and their sanctification too. And there are many good but ill-instructed men among ourselves who have just this taint of that old heresy cleaving to them still—this taint, namely, that they are tempted to carry over the suretyship and substitutionary work of Christ into such regions, and to carry it to such lengths in those regions, as, practically, to make Christ to minister to their soft and sinful living, and to ...
— Bunyan Characters - Third Series - The Holy War • Alexander Whyte

... have carried over 2,000,000 American troops overseas. The United States did not possess enough ships to carry over our troops as rapidly as they were ready to sail or as quickly as they were needed in France. Great Britain furnished, under contract with the War Department, many ships and safely transported many American troops, the numbers having increased greatly in the spring and summer. A few troops were ...
— Our Navy in the War • Lawrence Perry

... artillery and the possession of powerful modern guns by the Boers had gravely imperilled the position of Ladysmith. The military authorities could never have anticipated that the town would be besieged by foes armed with artillery that could carry over five miles. But such was the case now, and all there felt, as soon as it was decided to defend the place till the last, that the position ...
— With Buller in Natal - A Born Leader • G. A. Henty

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