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Camouflage   /kˈæməflˌɑʒ/   Listen

An outward semblance that misrepresents the true nature of something.  Synonym: disguise.
Fabric dyed with splotches of green and brown and black and tan; intended to make the wearer of a garment made of this fabric hard to distinguish from the background.  Synonym: camo.
Device or stratagem for concealment or deceit.
The act of concealing the identity of something by modifying its appearance.  Synonym: disguise.

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"Camouflage" Quotes from Famous Books

... to say," asked the deputy, with a smile, "that in all this camouflage, as you call it, M. de Gorne the elder would act as ...
— The Eight Strokes of the Clock • Maurice Leblanc

... evident, however, that they were definitely written for his perusal, and it is equally clear that Anne's replies were inspired, and sometimes, if not always, drafted by him. This practice continued until the death of Anne Wortley in March, 1710. Yet there seems to have been no reason for this camouflage. In 1709 Lady Mary was twenty years of age, and Montagu was a very ...
— Lady Mary Wortley Montague - Her Life and Letters (1689-1762) • Lewis Melville

... that this act was enacted for the purpose of raising revenue. The revenue feature was merely legislative camouflage. To quote the words of Justice Holmes in a recent case,[1] "Congress gave it the appearance of a taxing measure in order to give it a ...
— Our Changing Constitution • Charles Pierson

... preservation &c. 670; guardianship. area defense; site defense. self-defense, self-preservation; resistance &c. 719. safeguard &c. (safety) 664; balistraria[obs3]; bunker, screen &c. (shelter) 666; camouflage &c. (concealment) 530; fortification; munition, muniment[obs3]; trench, foxhole; bulwark, fosse[obs3], moat, ditch, entrenchment, intrenchment[obs3]; kila[obs3]; dike, dyke; parapet, sunk fence, embankment, mound, mole, bank, ...
— Roget's Thesaurus • Peter Mark Roget

... "Leslie's Weekly", or "Munsey's", or the "North American Review", which are frankly and wholly in the interest of Big Business. If an editor wishes really to be effective in holding back progress, he must protect himself with a camouflage of piety and philanthropy, he must have at his tongue's end the phrases of brotherhood and justice, he must be liberal and progressive, going a certain cautious distance with the reformers, indulging in carefully measured fair play—giving ...
— The Profits of Religion, Fifth Edition • Upton Sinclair

... banquets elaborately prearranged. You know how they come about, especially in war-time. Very likely Mrs. Dowey met Mrs. Twymley and Mrs. Mickleham quite casually in the street, and meant to do no more than the time of day; then, naturally enough, the word camouflage was mentioned, and they got heated, but in the end Mrs. Twymley apologised; then, in the odd way in which one thing leads to another, the winkle man appeared, and Mrs. Dowey remembered that she had that pot of jam and that Mrs. Mickleham had stood treat last time; ...
— Echoes of the War • J. M. Barrie

... the rich from the poor in their camouflage, but the really rich in character are easily discernible, arrayed in modest garbs as unostentatious and serviceable as those of the nightingale or the thrush. Like all great people the melody of their lives eclipses their array until ...
— See America First • Orville O. Hiestand

... shells, the Germans again were burrowing, Brosseau pointed out. Some places they had burrowed far too deep to be endangered by shells; but their ways of egress were not known. These were covered with camouflage. ...
— The Boy Allies with Haig in Flanders • Clair W. Hayes

... shape could be used as camouflage, too, if you didn't want people to recognize the balloon. But why would a strange assortment of characters like Merlin and company send up ...
— The Flying Stingaree • Harold Leland Goodwin

... Yale Club a good deal more thoroughly than most pages, from the lobby to the upstairs dining-room. He even invaded the library to the suspicious annoyance of some old uncle who was pretending to read a book held upside down in his lap in order to camouflage his pre-prandial nap. No Ted—though half-a-dozen acquaintances who insisted on saying hello and taking up time. Back to the street and a slight dispute with a policeman as regarded the place where Oliver had parked his car. He looked at his watch just before poking the self-starter—Mr. ...
— Young People's Pride • Stephen Vincent Benet

... from International Film Service. THE GERMAN CHANCELLORS On the right is Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg who is held responsible in large measure for bringing on the war. On the left is Prince Maximilian of Baden, the Kaiser's camouflage chancellor who was appointed in a vain attempt to fool the American people into thinking that a democratic government had been set up ...
— History of the World War - An Authentic Narrative of the World's Greatest War • Francis A. March and Richard J. Beamish

... Mr. Wicker's voice in the shell, "the masts and the sides of the ship could be seen from the sea. So with all haste, once anchored in the cove, the men must go ashore, bring back palm fronds and leafy branches and camouflage—as you say in your time—the Mirabelle from her topmost mast to ...
— Mr. Wicker's Window • Carley Dawson

... Japan set her puppets to work. The Tong-haks were suddenly found to be possessed of arms, and some of their units were trained and showed remarkable military efficiency. Their avowed purpose was to drive all foreigners, including the Japanese, out of the country; but this was mere camouflage. The real purpose was to provoke China to send troops to Korea, and so give Japan an excuse ...
— Korea's Fight for Freedom • F.A. McKenzie

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