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Bring off   /brɪŋ ɔf/   Listen
Bring off

Be successful; achieve a goal.  Synonyms: carry off, manage, negociate, pull off.  "I managed to carry the box upstairs" , "She pulled it off, even though we never thought her capable of it" , "The pianist negociated the difficult runs"

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"Bring off" Quotes from Famous Books

... soft that its surface can be rubbed off with the hand. They are also minutely stratified or laminated, and the lamin are not well cemented together, so that a blow on the roof of a cavity with a stone or other implement will bring off slabs varying from half an inch to an inch and a half in thickness. These thin strata or lamin are of unequal hardness, weathering in places several inches into the face of the rock in thin streaks of a few inches or less. The middle purple stratum exhibits this quality somewhat ...
— Aboriginal Remains in Verde Valley, Arizona • Cosmos Mindeleff

... other uses on the lake. She was lying at the other side of the steamboat pier, and the smoke was already rolling out of her smokestack. Our informant did not precisely know in what manner Mr. Parasyte intended to proceed; and we could not ascertain whether he intended to bring off our party by force, or to resort to some milder means to break up the camp; but we were very grateful for the information we had obtained. By this time Mr. Parasyte had learned from the deserters ...
— Breaking Away - or The Fortunes of a Student • Oliver Optic

... ten feet in diameter, and a cylinder buried near its foot, containing a parchment with some account of our visit to this place. In the mean time, I requested Captain Lyon to stand over to the point of Igloolik, where our walruses had been landed, and to bring off these, as well as our boats and tents remaining there. The ice soon after coming in upon the point, it was not without risk of the Hecla's being dangerously beset that Captain Lyon succeeded in bringing off everything but ...
— Three Voyages for the Discovery of a Northwest Passage from the • Sir William Edward Parry

... shall show with how much judgment they have been used by Virgil; and in the meantime pass to another article of his defence on the present subject, where, if I cannot clear the hero, I hope at least to bring off the poet, for here I must divide their causes. Let AEneas trust to his machine, which will only help to break his fall; but the address is incomparable. Plato, who borrowed so much from Homer, and yet concluded for the banishment of all poets, would at least have rewarded Virgil ...
— Discourses on Satire and Epic Poetry • John Dryden

... Adjutant, which in times of peace plied across the bar at Chinde to bring off passengers and mails to the ships that lay outside, has had a chequered career in this war. Slipping out from Chinde at the outbreak of war, she made her way to Dar-es-Salaam. From there she essayed ...
— Sketches of the East Africa Campaign • Robert Valentine Dolbey

... success of this venture hung Napoleon's world-projects. Coute que coute, he had told Mouche, he must bring off this coup. So he was employing on it the pick of the first Army ...
— The Gentleman - A Romance of the Sea • Alfred Ollivant

... to embark that very night, leaving their dead and many of their wounded in the forest where they lay. A few days before, after the first engagement, Major Rogers, of the Rangers, having been sent to bring off the dead and wounded of the enemy, had cruelly despatched the latter, to the horror not only of his confrere, Major Putnam, but of the British officers who ...
— "Old Put" The Patriot • Frederick A. Ober

... N. deliverance, extrication, rescue; reprieve, reprieval[obs3]; respite; liberation &c. 750; emancipation; redemption, salvation; riddance; gaol delivery; redeemableness[obs3]. V. deliver, extricate, rescue, save, emancipate, redeem, ransom; bring off,bring through; tirer d'affaire[Fr], get the wheel out of the rut, snatch from the jaws of death, come to the rescue; rid; retrieve &c. (restore) 660; be rid of, get rid of. Adj. saved &c. v. extricable, redeemable, rescuable. Int. to the rescue! % 3. Precursory Measures ...
— Roget's Thesaurus

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