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A persistently annoying person.  Synonyms: cuss, gadfly, pest, pesterer.
A boy or man.  Synonyms: bloke, chap, cuss, fella, feller, fellow, gent, lad.  "There's a fellow at the door" , "He's a likable cuss" , "He's a good bloke"

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"Blighter" Quotes from Famous Books

... "Blighter!" said Horace impartially, as though now there were two of them. Such was, in fact, the sum of his observations to Lettice when their father had taken himself and his letter upstairs. Young Tony was not "playing the game"; but then he never did play it to the expert satisfaction ...
— The Camera Fiend • E.W. Hornung

... "You silly blighter," said Oliver. "Suppose I had let you go with your other sixty pounds, you would have been pretty well in the ...
— The Rough Road • William John Locke

... you old blighter," he said good-humoredly. "It was 4 on the road, and 3 at the mill, and I'm as sure of it as that you're an ...
— The Pit Prop Syndicate • Freeman Wills Crofts

... lip, anyway!" he said, triumphantly, casting still another glance over his shoulder in the direction of the door, and lowering his tones still further. "Caught a glimpse of 'im 'long by the Saltfleet Road this afternoon, Guv'nor, and thinks I to myself, 'You're the blinkin' blighter wot tried to do the Guv'nor in, are you? Well, you wait, my lad! There's a little taste of 'ell-sauce a-comin' your way wot'll make you sit up and bawl for yer muvver.' He'd got on sailorin' togs, Mr. Cleek, an' a black 'at pulled down ...
— The Riddle of the Frozen Flame • Mary E. Hanshew

... the well-appointed library of Blight Hall, John Blighter, Seventeenth Earl of Blight, bowed his head in his hands and gave himself up to despair. The day of ...
— The Sunny Side • A. A. Milne

... collected snow and rime and added much to the weights we had to drag along. Perhaps they were right, and I remember one occasion when two members of the Expedition dumped the inner lining after carrying it many hundred miles with the remark, "Good-bye, you blighter, you've had ...
— South with Scott • Edward R. G. R. Evans

... time I rode a welter down his way they told me his favorite text was "Blessed are the poor." He's a pretty figurehead for a bean-feast, isn't he? That chirpy barrister next door has a practice of fifteen thou. The blighter once cross-examined me in a card-sharping case and made me look the biggest damned fool in Europe. Did I rest on my laurels—eh, what? Why, sir, he can't cross a race-course now without having his pocket picked. My doing, my immortal achievement. The little Countess ...
— Aladdin of London - or Lodestar • Sir Max Pemberton

... be in any way harsh," said Psmith, without looking up, "but the man who invented this thing was a blighter of the worst type. You come and have a shot. For the moment I am baffled. The whisper flies round the clubs, ...
— Mike • P. G. Wodehouse

... a sort of mixture of my mother; she was class, the blighter who come after my father, and ...
— The Secret of the Tower • Hope, Anthony

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