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Better half   /bˈɛtər hæf/   Listen
Better half

A person's partner in marriage.  Synonyms: married person, mate, partner, spouse.

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"Better half" Quotes from Famous Books

... of philanthropy and liberty, are (as they live in public and beyond the inner recesses of their homes) but a truncated and imperfect exhibition of humanity. They are wanting in one of its constituent parts, the better half, the humanizing and the softening element. And it would be against the nature of things to suppose that the body, thus shorn and mutilated, can possess in itself the virtue and power of progress, reform, and elevation. ...
— Two Old Faiths - Essays on the Religions of the Hindus and the Mohammedans • J. Murray Mitchell and William Muir

... on finding herself deprived of her better half when she is still young in years and physique voluntarily puts an end to her days, that she may join her husband, wherever he may have gone, rather than go through life alone. If, however, a son is born, she will nurse him, and ...
— Corea or Cho-sen • A (Arnold) Henry Savage-Landor

... tobacco, makes a triumphal entry into the main street at full gallop, and pitching his tent before the court-house, walks into the parsonage—war plumes, moccasins, and all—gives us complimentary seats, and eats the better half of our dinner. This incident is a source of pride to ourself beyond any thing experienced by any urchin besides. We boast of it frequently, and, being disliked therefor, commit several impromptu scalpings ...
— Tales of the Chesapeake • George Alfred Townsend

... the lodge he found Ogallah awake. Evidently he was not in good humor, for his manner showed he was scolding his much better half, who accepted it all without reply or notice. No doubt she received it as part of ...
— Camp-fire and Wigwam • Edward Sylvester Ellis

... not his better half, is less complacent. In the publicity of the shop her small black eyes cast glances full of hate upon the innocent Gigerl, her full flat face reddens with anger when she remembers the money, and ...
— A Cigarette-Maker's Romance • F. Marion Crawford

... This ceremony is repeated with prayers and sacrifices every day for a fortnight, during which time libations of wine and general feasting continue, and at the expiration of which the husband conveys his better half to his tent. ...
— In the Forbidden Land • Arnold Henry Savage Landor

... central figure, "half girl, half boy, and the better half of each," the author has written a fascinating story laying the plot first in America and subsequently, in the other stories, in other countries. The author's intimate knowledge and deep insight into the life and surroundings ...
— The Go Ahead Boys and Simon's Mine • Ross Kay

... between those two," he said to himself. But Linforth had kept his secrets better half an hour ago. For it did not occur to Ralston to suspect that there had been something also between Violet ...
— The Broken Road • A. E. W. Mason

... he said, smiling down at her; "it will turn a tiresome business trip into a pleasure excursion. I have always found my enjoyment doubled by the companionship of my better half." ...
— Elsie's New Relations • Martha Finley

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