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Animate being   /ˈænəmət bˈiɪŋ/   Listen
Animate being

A living organism characterized by voluntary movement.  Synonyms: animal, beast, brute, creature, fauna.

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Words linked to "Animate being" :   giant, organism, animal tissue, trailing, purebred, stayer, tufted, scavenger, bone-covered, acrodont, fully grown, hispid, vector, marine animal, diet, stunt, thoroughbred, domesticated animal, actinomycete, invertebrate, half-bred, big, creepy-crawly, animal kingdom, phytophagous, feeder, social, domestic animal, chordate, homeotherm, meat-eating, animal, predatory animal, varment, crop, varmint, ectotherm, female, herbivore, phytophagic, kingdom Animalia, zoophagous, sea animal, micro-organism, unregistered, male, migrator, range animal, mate, peeper, plant-eating, face, critter, head, pureblood, microorganism, bone, phytophilous, embryo, trap, moulter, tracking, larva, all-devouring, game, insectivore, topknotted, half-breed, prey, free-swimming, grownup, reclaim, pleurodont, offspring, grown, conceptus, swimmer's itch, molter, young, biped, stander, flesh-eating, full-grown, ritual killing, humaneness, metazoan, insectivorous, wart, nose, debone, epizootic, being, predator, hexapod, schistosome dermatitis, Animalia, zooplankton, side, unattached, fauna, pest, homoiotherm, homotherm, physical structure, organic structure, half-blooded, drench, pet, domesticize, registered, transmitter, racer, graze, sacrifice, domesticise, marine creature, gregarious, work animal, quarry, crested, body, adult, beast, sea creature, darter, poikilotherm, domesticate, fictional animal, survivor, fertilized egg, omnivore, mutant, sitter, caput, pasture, tame, captive

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