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Skid  n.  (Written also skeed)  
A shoe or clog, as of iron, attached to a chain, and placed under the wheel of a wagon to prevent its turning when descending a steep hill; a drag; a skidpan; also, by extension, a hook attached to a chain, and used for the same purpose.
A piece of timber used as a support, or to receive pressure. Specifically:
pl. (Naut.) Large fenders hung over a vessel's side to protect it in handling a cargo.
One of a pair of timbers or bars, usually arranged so as to form an inclined plane, as form a wagon to a door, along which anything is moved by sliding or rolling.
One of a pair of horizontal rails or timbers for supporting anything, as a boat, a barrel, etc.
(Aeronautics) A runner (one or two) under some flying machines, used for landing.
A low movable platform for supporting heavy items to be transported, typically of two layers, and having a space between the layers into which the fork of a fork lift can be inserted; it is used to conveniently transport heavy objects by means of a fork lift; a skid without wheels is the same as a pallet.
pl. Declining fortunes; a movement toward defeat or downfall; used mostly in the phrase on the skids and hit the skids.
Act of skidding; called also side slip.

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