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Semen  n.  (pl. semina)  
(Bot.) The seed of plants.
(Physiol.) The seed or fecundating fluid of male animals; sperm. It is a white or whitish viscid fluid secreted by the testes, characterized by the presence of spermatozoids to which it owes its generative power.
Semen contra, or Semen cinae or Semen cynae, a strong aromatic, bitter drug, imported from Aleppo and Barbary, said to consist of the leaves, peduncles, and unexpanded flowers of various species of Artemisia; wormseed.

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"Semen" Quotes from Famous Books

... member intact in order to get children, and that in one tribe the female births greatly outnumbered the male. Those mutilated also marry: when making water they sit like women slightly raising the penis, this in coition becomes flat and broad and the semen does not enter the matrix. The explorer believes that the deed of kind is more quickly done (?). Circumcision was also known to the New World. Herrera relates that certain Mexicans cut off the ears and prepuce of the newly born child, causing many to die. The Jews did not adopt ...
— Supplemental Nights, Volume 2 • Richard F. Burton

... 2: Generation of inanimate things is entirely from an extrinsic source; whereas the generation of living things is in a higher way, through something in the living thing itself, which is the semen containing the principle productive of the body. Therefore there must be in the living thing a power that prepares this semen; and this is the ...
— Summa Theologica, Part I (Prima Pars) - From the Complete American Edition • Thomas Aquinas

... delicate women will support a heavy man on their persons, not only without flinching, but even with ease and pleasure—but so it is. On rising and withdrawing, we were both alarmed to see that my prick was all bloody, and that blood and semen were oozing from her cunt. We had no idea this would be the case, and at first I was as frightened as she was. A moment's reflection showed me that it was only the natural result of forcing my way in, and that the pleasure since enjoyed proved it to ...
— The Romance of Lust - A classic Victorian erotic novel • Anonymous

... diadelpha, simplex et novemfidum; antherae subrotundae v. reniformes, valvula ventrali anthera dimidio minore subrotunda. Ovarium hispidum ovulo reniformi. Legumen basi calyce subemarcido cinctum, echinatum. Semen reniforme, absque strophiola; integumento duplici. Embryo ...
— Expedition into Central Australia • Charles Sturt

... whatever is transmitted by way of human origin, is caused by the semen. But the semen cannot cause sin, because it lacks the rational part of the soul, which alone can be a cause of sin. Therefore no sin can be ...
— Summa Theologica, Part I-II (Pars Prima Secundae) - From the Complete American Edition • Saint Thomas Aquinas

... xijs. xiij bobus, iiijli. vs. xlvij acr' warrectan' & rebinand' ibidem, lxxs. vjd. ij carucis cum apparatu, iiijs. v crannoc' frumenti ad semen & liberationes famulorum ibidem sibi venditis per predictum custodem, xxijs. vjd. xj crannoc', iij bussellis aven', xxxixs. iijd. ...
— Notes and Queries, Number 235, April 29, 1854 • Various

... Seed of the Woman, the Messias of the World, was promised to Abraham, 1. Inter hos, Semen illud Mulieris, Messias Mundi, promissus est Abrahamo. 1. the Founder of the Jews, the Father of them that believe: and he (being called away from the Gentiles) with his Posterity, Conditori Judorum, Patri credentium: & ipse (avocatus a Gentilibus) cum Posteris, being marked with the Sacrament ...
— The Orbis Pictus • John Amos Comenius

... lasar, folium, baca murrae, costum, cariofilum, spica indica, addena, cardamomum, spica nardi. De seminibus hoc. dapaber, semen rudae, baca rutae, baca lauri, semen aneti, semen api, semen feniculi, semen ligustici, semen erucae, semen coriandri, cuminum ...
— Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome • Apicius

... love, eek moste I be To plesen hem that Iangle of love, and demen, 800 And coye hem, that they sey non harm of me? For though ther be no cause, yet hem semen Al be for harm that folk hir freendes quemen; And who may stoppen every wikked tonge, Or soun of belles whyl that ...
— Troilus and Criseyde • Geoffrey Chaucer

... the homogeneous parts are divided into (1) the soft and moist (or fluid), such as blood, serum, flesh, fat, suet, marrow, semen, gall, milk, phlegm, faeces and urine, and (2) the hard and dry (or solid), such as sinew, vein, hair, bone, cartilage, nail, and horn. It would appear from this enumeration that Aristotle's distinction of simple and complex ...
— Form and Function - A Contribution to the History of Animal Morphology • E. S. (Edward Stuart) Russell

... solus tecum fornicationem ut quidam facere solent; ita dico ut ipse tuum membrum virile in manum tuam acciperes, et sic duceres praeputium tuum, et manu propria commoveres, ut, sic, per illam delectationem semen projiceres?" ...
— The Priest, The Woman And The Confessional • Father Chiniquy

... the tip of the nose; he knows of salves to close the mouth so effectually that it has to be broken open again by mechanical means, and he writes learnedly on the infallible signs of witchcraft. By mixing horse-dung with human semen he believed he was able to produce a medium from which, by chemical treatment in a retort, a diminutive human being, or homunculus, as he called it, could be produced. The spirits of the elements, the sylphs of the air, the gnomes of the earth, the salamanders ...
— German Culture Past and Present • Ernest Belfort Bax

... Knight's Law or the Knight-Darwin Law, is discussed by Francis Darwin in "Nature," 1898. References are there given to the chief passages in the "Origin of Species," etc., bearing on the question. See Letter 19, Volume I.), is that NO terrestrial animal in which semen is liquid is hermaphrodite except with mutual copulation; in terrestrial plants in which the semen is dry there are many hermaphrodites. Indeed, I do wish I lived at Kew, or at least so that I could see you oftener. ...
— More Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II - Volume II (of II) • Charles Darwin

... energy, physical and mental, is the aim, and this aim would be frustrated if these old men were given full power to do as they pleased with their new-found youthful vigor. You cannot always trust them. That is the purpose of the ligating of both sides, making the emission of the semen impossible. The life-force, then, having no other outlet, can do nothing else but reinvigorate the entire system by pouring its precious fluids into ...
— The Goat-gland Transplantation • Sydney B. Flower

... Nanny gi'ed his zide a kick, An' het en wi' her limber stick; But suddenly a horn did sound, An' zend the ho'semen on vull bound; An' her ho'se at the zight Went after em, vull flight, Wi' Nanny in a fright, A-pullen, wi' a scream an' grin, Her wold brown rains to hold ...
— Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect • William Barnes

... vesicam, guttura, vulnam, Intestina, jecur, cumque lyene caput Confortat, variisque Anisum subdita morbis Membra: istud tantum vim leve semen habet. ...
— Chocolate: or, An Indian Drinke • Antonio Colmenero de Ledesma

... of the young poets of this period was Semen Yakovlevitch Nadson (1862-1887). His grandfather, a Jew who had joined the Russian Church, lived in Kieff. His father, a gifted man and a fine musician, died young. His mother, a Russian gentlewoman, died at the age of thirty-one, of consumption. At the ...
— A Survey of Russian Literature, with Selections • Isabel Florence Hapgood

... red-haired, with a badger hair-cut and the parting slicked down with butter, if Senka the Depot had not come here? The serving lad, who, judging by his refined and gallant readiness, had already known Tamara for a long time, answered that "Nohow, ma'am; they—Semen Ignatich—had not been in yet, and probably would not be here soon seein' as how yesterday they had the pleasure of going on a spree at the Transvaal, and had played at billiards until six in the morning; and that now they, in all probabilities, are at ...
— Yama (The Pit) • Alexandra Kuprin

... all peaceable endeavours, the collected part of the semen, raised and inflamed, became adust, converted to choler, turned head upon the spinal duct, and ascended to the brain. The very same principle that influences a bully to break the windows of a woman who has jilted him naturally stirs up a great prince to raise mighty armies and dream of nothing ...
— A Tale of a Tub • Jonathan Swift

... they manifest themselves with advancing youth; but all the same the possession of those substances is essential to the male being, not merely adventitious. For to be made up of seven elementary substances (viz. blood, humour, flesh, fat, marrow, bone, and semen) is an essential, property of the body. That even in deep sleep and similar states the 'I' shines forth we have explained above. Consciousness is always there, but only in the waking state and in dreams it is observed to relate itself to objects. And that ...
— The Vedanta-Sutras with the Commentary by Ramanuja - Sacred Books of the East, Volume 48 • Trans. George Thibaut

... Another rencontre occurred at Sombrero. Morillo retired to Valencia; and Bolivar took possession of the valleys of Aragua. Thence he detached a strong division to take San Fernando de Apure, in order to complete the conquest of the Llanos. Upon this the Spaniards advanced. The two armies met at Semen. Morillo was wounded, and the royalist army put to flight. The pursuit being indiscreetly conducted by the patriots, and a fresh royalist division arriving to support Morillo, the fortune of the day was changed. Each party was alternately defeated, ...
— The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, No. 366 - Vol. XIII, No. 366., Saturday, April 18, 1829 • Various

... altitudine staminum, iisdem paulo praecocior, exsertus nempe dum illa adhuc inclusa. Stigmata tria brevissima acuta denticuliformia. Pericarpium exsuccum, indehiscens, villosum, basi styli aristatum, perianthio scarioso et filamentis emarcidis cinctum, abortione monospermum. Semen turgidum obovatum retusum, integumento (testa) simplici membranaceo aqueo-pallido, bine (intus) fere a basi acutiuscula, raphe fusca verticem retusum attingente ibique in chalazam parvam concolorem ...
— Narrative of a Survey of the Intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia] [Volume 2 of 2] • Phillip Parker King

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