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Rile  v. t.  (past & past part. riled; pres. part. riling)  
To render turbid or muddy; to stir up; to roil.
To stir up in feelings; to make angry; to vex. Note: In both senses provincial in England and colloquial in the United States.

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"Rile" Quotes from Famous Books

... his back to the shore exactly in a line with me, and he was swinging his great head from side to side, and flapping his ears in the enjoyment of his bath. I left the tree with my four-ounce rile, and, keeping in a direct line for his hind-quarters, I walked towards him. The grass was soft and short; I could therefore approach without the slightest noise: the only danger of being discovered was ...
— The Rifle and The Hound in Ceylon • Samuel White Baker

... girl," he said, nervously; "and it's all going to come out right. It does rile me to think of your working for Steve. Never mind, my ship will come in and then we'll ...
— The Gorgeous Girl • Nalbro Bartley

... can't rile me," returned the quack. "I don't blame you regulars for getting sore when you see us fellows culling out coin from under your very noses, ...
— The Clarion • Samuel Hopkins Adams

... four in here. Sober as a judge! Did you notice his eyes? They fair made me shiver when he looked at me when I was talkin' about his old man. I'm goin' to be damn careful about my palaver after this. Friend! Well, if I wasn't his friend I'd be damn careful not to rile him!" ...
— The Boss of the Lazy Y • Charles Alden Seltzer

... accumulating. I'm a very easy-going person, you know; but I've been noticing that whenever I want Karen, Madame von Marwitz always nips in and cuts me out, so that I have hardly seen her at all since her guardian came to London. And then it did rather rile me, I confess, to find that the one hat in Karen's trousseau that I specially chose for her is the one—the only one—that Madame von Marwitz objects to. Karen never wears it now. She certainly behaved very absurdly to-night, Gregory. I ...
— Tante • Anne Douglas Sedgwick

... is no use," observed one, sotto voce, "the bloke really has awful headaches, like a girl, and then he always shuts up this way. You will only rile him, and get the ...
— Hard Cash • Charles Reade

... the crab, as loudly as his little voice would carry. "Rile some other pool with your clumsy hoofs, and let your ...
— The Emerald City of Oz • L. Frank Baum

... furry coats, Bloodroots, whose rolled-up leaves ef you oncurl, Each on 'em's cradle to a baby-pearl,— But these are jes' Spring's pickets; sure ez sin, The rebble frosts 'll try to drive 'em in; For half our May's so awfully like Mayn't, 'T would rile a Shaker or an evrige saint; Though I own up I like our back'ard springs Thet kind o' haggle with their greens an' things, An' when you 'most give up, without more words Toss the fields full o' blossoms, leaves, an' birds: Thet's Northun natur', slow an' apt to doubt, ...
— Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 9, No. 56, June, 1862 • Various

... know they had been brung to town all this distance to be laid beside Red. You didn't know Red had been stabbed so he could be added, too. You didn't know the three of them had been left on the street to rile up every man with blood in his veins. Why, Wilfred, it's an insult to the whole state of Texas, Such high-handed doings ain't to be bore. If Brick Willock don't want to be tried in court, is that an excuse for killing off all ...
— Lahoma • John Breckenridge Ellis

... she fixin' things up dar on de mantle-shelf, en bouncin' de cheers 'roun', en breshin' dus' whar dey aint no dus', en flyin' 'roun' singin' sorter louder dan common, den I des knows sump'n' done gone en rile 'er." ...
— Nights With Uncle Remus - Myths and Legends of the Old Plantation • Joel Chandler Harris

... "I don't know why 'tis, but they rile me like fury. Prob'ly it's because I ain't never been much used to 'em the way I would have been if I'd been keepin' light ashore all my days. Out on the old Hog's Back we never had no visitors to speak of and we used to hanker for 'em. Here, by Godfreys, they don't ...
— Galusha the Magnificent • Joseph C. Lincoln

... probably—had been camping on his land, and doing all the damage they could, and naturally enough he was inclined to take out his spite on us. I don't blame him much. Such a thing would rile any farmer. Most people have an idea that when they get in the country they can do as they please, and for what these ignorant fools do the innocent ones have to suffer. We are finding ...
— Canoe Boys and Campfires - Adventures on Winding Waters • William Murray Graydon

... main room, where the tickers and blackboards were. As I approached through my outer office I could hear the noise the crowd was making—as they cursed me. If you want to rile the very inmost soul of the average human being, don't take his reputation or his wife; just cause him to lose money. There were among my customers many with the true, even-tenored sporting instinct. These were bearing their losses with philosophy—none of them was there. Of the perhaps three ...
— Ainslee's, Vol. 15, No. 5, June 1905 • Various

... are depen's on folks. I don't calk'late to hev no sort of a hard time, ef I don't get riled with it; but these times I doo rile easy." ...
— The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. I, No. 1, Nov. 1857 • Various

... Florence; it is such an age since I have written to any of you. But I have been daily, from morning to night, hard at work for weeks. The honour of having a command is all very well, but the trouble and worry are unspeakable. Besides, I had such a set under me that it was enough to rile the sweetest tempered man. Volunteers may be very well in their way. I doubt not their efficiency in repelling an attack in their own country. But defend me from ever again commanding a brigade of English volunteers in a foreign country. As to the officers, many were most mutinous, ...
— What I Remember, Volume 2 • Thomas Adolphus Trollope

... I didn't mean to be cross with you," laughed Judith, her anger gone as quickly as it had come, "but it does rile me for the family to think themselves so important and to feel they can have a meeting and make me kin to them or not ...
— The Comings of Cousin Ann • Emma Speed Sampson

... 'n the rest, an' that was that I liked Bewlah more 'n I knew. I begun tew see what kep' me loafin' tew hum so much, sence aunt was took daown; why I wan't in no hurry tew git them other gals, an' haow I come tew pocket my mittens so easy arfter the fust rile was over. Bewlah was humly, poor in flesh, dreadful freckled, hed red hair, black eyes, an' a gret mold side of her nose. But I'd got wonted tew her; she knowed my ways, was a fust rate housekeeper, real good-tempered, ...
— Kitty's Class Day And Other Stories • Louisa M. Alcott

... low voice, whereat both Tom and Harry faced swiftly about, "you shouldn't rile Bad Pete that way. He's an ugly character, who carries all he knows of law in his holsters, and we're a long ...
— The Young Engineers in Colorado • H. Irving Hancock

... E. bent her head and spoke low. I felt the old Pilgrim blood rile in me; but just as I was a-going to speak again, a low, mournful noise went a-rolling through the meetinging-house, that chilled me down like ice-water. It came from behind the great white altar, which looked to me like a big tombstone with night-fog floating over it. Through the fog ...
— Phemie Frost's Experiences • Ann S. Stephens

... lane, smoking our cigars, and Mr. Slick observed, "Well, there is a nation sight of difference, too, ain't there, atween this country church, and a country meetin' house our side of the water; I won't say in your country or my country; but I say our side of the water—and then it won't rile nobody; for your folks will say I mean the States, and our citizens will say I mean the colonies; but you and I know who the cap fits, one or t'other, or ...
— The Attache - or, Sam Slick in England, Complete • Thomas Chandler Haliburton

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