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humourous  adj.  Same as humorous; causing amusement or laughter. (Narrower terms: bantering, facetious, tongue-in-cheek, witty; boisterous, knockabout, slapstick; buffoonish, clownish, zany; comic, comical, funny, laughable, risible; droll, waggish; dry, ironic, ironical, pawky, wry; farcical, ludicrous, ridiculous; Gilbertian; hilarious, uproarious; jesting, jocose, jocular, jocund, joking; merry, mirthful; seriocomic, seriocomical; tragicomic, tragicomical; killing, sidesplitting) Also See: pleasing.
Synonyms: humorous.

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"Humourous" Quotes from Famous Books

... THE NURSERY, or, the sayings and singings of infancy, in a new dress; ornamented with twenty-six humourous engravings. ...
— The World's Fair • Anonymous

... his sides, with his usual humourous positiveness. "Why, then tell her she is a very saucy lady, for her last letter to you, and her lord and master is not to be trusted; and it is my absolute will and pleasure that you ask me no more ...
— Pamela (Vol. II.) • Samuel Richardson

... this humour vain, And this more humourous strain, Where self-conceit, and choler of the blood, Eclipse what else is good: Then, if you please those raptures high to touch, Whereof you boast so much: And but forbear your crown Till the world puts it on: No doubt, from all you may amazement ...
— Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3) • Isaac D'Israeli

... States of America has more than one way of living the life strenuous, and Broadway, New York, doesn't begin to be the only place where she lives it. Look abroad, look abroad!" She was altogether fascinating as she pointed out to Steering little typical features that he would have missed without her humourous, ...
— Sally of Missouri • R. E. Young

... amazing to women, and will be so, no doubt, as long as the world goes on. The strange mixture of the wise and the foolish, the altogether heroic, and the involuntarily fictitious, struck his keen perception with a humourous understanding, and amusement, and sympathy. That Mrs. Dennistoun should pose a little as a sufferer while she was unmitigatedly happy in the possession of Elinor and the child, and be abashed when she was forced to confess how ecstatic was the fearful joy which ...
— The Marriage of Elinor • Margaret Oliphant

... audience with extemporary buffoonery, and also at the end of the performance. And, as Heywood, in his "History of Women" (1624), says "By his mimic gestures to breed in the less capable mirth and laughter." On these occasions, it was usual to descant, in a humourous style, on various subjects proposed to him by the spectators; but they were more commonly entertained with what was termed a jig: this was a ludicrous composition in rhyme, sung by the Clown, accompanied by his ...
— A History of Pantomime • R. J. Broadbent

... later, do something startling with the bat. The Biffenite captain, Dick Worcester, did not altogether relish their proficiency. "It's just my luck to have my eleven filled up with niggers," he observed to Acton in half-humourous disgust; but Biffenites pinned their faith on Worcester, the dervishes, and Acton, and, to the huge delight of Grim, Rogers, Wilson, Thurston, and other enthusiastic junior Biffenites, the resurrected house survived the ...
— Acton's Feud - A Public School Story • Frederick Swainson

... suspicion would focus on Larry the Bat as being connected with the millionaire's death, since Larry the Bat had been caught in Jimmie Dale's home—and he would be accused of his own murder! It was quite humourous, of course, quite grotesquely bizarre—but it was equally an exceedingly grim possibility! There were drawbacks ...
— The Adventures of Jimmie Dale • Frank L. Packard

... perfection. The language, for some ages, had been improving, but now it seemed entirely divested of its roughness and barbarity. Among the poets of this period we may place John Philips, author of several poems, but of none more admired than that humourous one, entitled, 'The Splendid Shilling'; he lived in obscurity, and died just above want. William Congreve deserves also particular notice; his comedies, some of which were but coolly received upon their first appearance, seemed to mend upon repetition; ...
— The Complete Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith • Oliver Goldsmith

... Bank Party" became the popular cry of Democrats, to which the Whigs retorted with "The Party of Little Monsters." "Marcy's Pantaloons," "No Nullification," and "Union and Liberty" also did service. Copper medals bearing the heads of candidates were freely distributed, and humourous campaign songs, set to popular music, began ...
— A Political History of the State of New York, Volumes 1-3 • DeAlva Stanwood Alexander

... structure. Now the Classic Drama, as we have it in Sophocles, though exquisitely clear and simple in form, and austerely beautiful withal, is comparatively limited in its scope, with few characters, little change of scene, no blending or interchanging of the humourous and the grave, the tragic and the comic, and hardly exceeding in length a single Act of the Shakespearian Drama. The interest all, or nearly all, centres in the catastrophe, there being only so much of detail and range as is needful to the evolving ...
— Shakespeare: His Life, Art, And Characters, Volume I. • H. N. Hudson

... Docthor," said a young giant in a tam-o'-shanter. "In fac', Docthor," he argued with a humourous ...
— Corporal Cameron • Ralph Connor

... was less usual in these days of universal knowledge, there was invariably some point in what she said. She had, in the ordinary sense of the word, no manners at all, but essentially made up for this lack by her sincere and humourous kindliness. She saw with acute vividness the ludicrous side of everybody, herself included, and to her mind the arch-humourist of all was her brother, whom she was quite unable to take seriously. She dressed as if she had looted a milliner's shop ...
— Michael • E. F. Benson

... humourous sense was recently brought home to me most forcibly. A woman brought me the manuscript of a novel which she asked me to read. She felt that something was wrong with it, but she did not know just ...
— Threads of Grey and Gold • Myrtle Reed

... second day I took a small party of men, as a working party, to the shelters at the 'Sunken Road,' rather nearer the line. I think we were engaged in clearing the road of mud and generally cleaning up. On the way there I saw some rather humourous notices stuck up at various points. 'This is a dangerous spot.' It was kindly meant no doubt, but on the whole no part of the Salient afforded much of a rest-cure, and it was practically all under direct observation of the enemy. We ...
— Q.6.a and Other places - Recollections of 1916, 1917 and 1918 • Francis Buckley

... when he hesitated, uncertain as to the right turning to take, he found himself helped out of his difficulty by the warder at the next gate, anxious to be off to his tea, summoning him to come along sharp and not keep him waiting there all night. The chaff and the humourous sallies to which he was subjected, and to which, of course, he had to provide prompt and effective reply, formed, indeed, his chief danger; for Toad was an animal with a strong sense of his own dignity, and the chaff was mostly (he thought) poor and clumsy, and the humour of the sallies entirely ...
— The Wind in the Willows • Kenneth Grahame

Words linked to "Humourous" :   bantering, jocular, humorless, seriocomical, hilarious, clownlike, funny, ironic, ironical, droll, comic, killing, pleasing, zany, joking, risible, screaming, seriocomic, mirthful, jesting, Gilbertian, buffoonish, amusing, farcical, comical, laughable, waggish, clownish, tragicomic

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