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Hinduism, Hindooism  n.  The religious doctrines and rites of the Hindus; Brahmanism.

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"Hinduism" Quotes from Famous Books

... he says, "became as well acquainted as a stranger can with the practice of Hinduism. I carefully read up Ward, Moor, and the publications of the Asiatic Society... and eventually my Hindu teacher officially allowed me to wear the Brahminical thread." He learnt some of the Hindu text books by ...
— The Life of Sir Richard Burton • Thomas Wright

... Romanism; popery, Scarlet Lady, Church of Rome, Greek Church. paganism, heathenism, ethicism^; mythology; polytheism, ditheism^, tritheism^; dualism; heathendom^. Judaism, Gentilism^, Islamism, Islam, Mohammedanism, Babism^, Sufiism, Neoplatonism, Turcism^, Brahminism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sabianism, Gnosticism, Hylotheism^, Mormonism; Christian Science. heretic, apostate, antichrist^; pagan, heathen; painim^, paynim^; giaour^; gentile; pantheist, polytheist; idolator. schismatic; sectary, sectarian, sectarist^; ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

... those porcelain bas-reliefs which one buys in Florence, or, if the colors are undimmed by age, like Persian enamel. In some of the temples which I visited, the colorings had been ruthlessly obliterated by coats of whitewash, but in those communities where Hinduism is still a living force, the inhabitants frequently impoverish themselves in order to provide the gold-leaf with which the interiors of the shrines are covered, just as the congregations of American churches praise God with carven pulpits and ...
— Where the Strange Trails Go Down • E. Alexander Powell

... is antecedent to law, which must bend and adapt itself to cast, as the overruling, intrinsic, unalterable condition of Hinduism, of Hindu life. There is one law, one phase of obligation for the twice-born, another for the Sudra. In Manu, cast is not so fully and severely developed: Manu permits to the Brahmana four wives, of whom one may be a Sudra, necessarily ...
— Hindu Law and Judicature - from the Dharma-Sastra of Yajnavalkya • Yajnavalkya

... in the Princeton Seminary we had a visit from the veteran missionary, Levi Spalding, who sailed from Boston to Southern India in the very first band which invaded the darkness of Hindooism He was as nearly like my conception of the Apostle Paul as anyone I ever beheld. He told us that when he was a youth and his heart was first drawn to the cause of missions, he told his good mother that he had decided upon a missionary life (which was then thought equivalent to a martyrdom), and ...
— Recollections of a Long Life - An Autobiography • Theodore Ledyard Cuyler

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