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Emollient  n.  (Med.) An external something or soothing application to allay irritation, soreness, etc.

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"Emollient" Quotes from Famous Books

... to the Governor, that his mind might be duly prepared. Duquesne replied: "I think that the two rascals of deputies whom you sent me will not soon recover from the fright I gave them, notwithstanding the emollient I administered after my reprimand; and since I told them that they were indebted to you for not being allowed to rot in a dungeon, they have promised me to comply with ...
— Montcalm and Wolfe • Francis Parkman

... of the other two, that had well nigh deprived me of the use of that organ. However, I made shift to get home, where I was informed of Captain Gawky's being robbed and abused by a company of footpads, and was ordered by my master to prepare an emollient glyster and paregoric draught, in order to allay and compose the ferment of his spirits, occasioned by the barbarous treatment he had undergone, while he took twelve ounces of ...
— The Adventures of Roderick Random • Tobias Smollett

... the leaves are named Chirussa; the roots dye red, and are very astringent. Goho or Go-o: this is the ordeal medicine; it is both purgative and emetic. Mutuva or Mutumbue: this plant contains so much oil that it serves as lights in Londa; it is an emollient drink for the cure of coughs, and the pounded leaves answer as soap to wash the head. Nyamucu ucu has a curious softening effect on old dry grain. Mussakasi is believed to remove the effects of the Go- o. Mudama is ...
— Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa - Journeys and Researches in South Africa • David Livingstone

... misunderstood my meaning. I spoke with no reference to you whatever, but of all male society as enervating—if you dislike the word 'depressing'—relaxing, emollient, emasculating, from want of contradictory element; while I was proceeding to describe the need of strictly female society. The rector offers this; he was here just now. His admiration for you is unbounded. ...
— Mary Anerley • R. D. Blackmore

... cultivate and shape them: Some there are, who imagine them of another species than our ordinary bay, but erroneously. I wonder we plant not whole groves of them, and abroad; they being hardy enough, grow upright, and would make a noble daphneon. The berries are emollient, soveraign in affections of the nerves, collics, gargarisms, baths, salves, and perfumes: Bay-leaves dryed in a fire-pan, and reduc'd to a fine powder, as much as will cover half a crown, being drank ...
— Sylva, Vol. 1 (of 2) - Or A Discourse of Forest Trees • John Evelyn

... indulgent, tender, merciful, clement, lenient, bland, demulcent, lenitive, emollient, mitigative. Antonyms: ...
— Putnam's Word Book • Louis A. Flemming

... are used externally as a fomentation, and the boiled roots are bruised and applied as an emollient poultice. ...
— Enquire Within Upon Everything - The Great Victorian Domestic Standby • Anonymous

... preparation of plumbago or black lead; that of the latter by the use of some fuliginous substance, as a dye, or, perhaps, by direct fumigation. The gloss upon the cheeks might be produced by perseverance in the process of dry-rubbing; the more humid style of visage, by the application of emollient cataplasms. General sallowness would result, as a matter of course, from assiduous dissipation. Young gentlemen thus glazed and varnished, French-polished, in fact, from top to toe, might glitter in the sun like ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 1, August 7, 1841 • Various

... at end. Mr Gillett, of the Vicarage, Runham, Filby, Norwich, sends me these notes on the herbs for this Bathe Medicinable: —253 (2): "YARDEHOK Mallow, some species. They are all more or less mucilaginous and emollient. If Yarde Virga; then it is Marshmallow, or Malva Sylvestris; if yarde erde, earth; then the rotundifolia. —254 (3): PARITORY is Pellitory of the wall, parietaria. Wall pellitory abounds in nitrate of potass. There are two other pellitories: 'P. of Spain'—this ...
— Early English Meals and Manners • Various

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